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Top IRGC commander in Syria allegedly killed in airstrike on Iranian consulate in Damascus, Iran vows revenge against Israel

According to an official statement from the IRGC, the slain commanders were among those who perished in the assault. Haji Rahimi, described as a coordinator for the Quds Force, was identified as the second commander killed in the attack on the consulate building of Iran in Damascus, Syria.

Israel-Hamas war: IDF discovers Hamas control centre under Al Shifa hospital with heavy wiring, AC room, kitchen, toilets, blast door & other facilities

The Hamas tunnel network is also protected with a blast door in order to avoid any damage to the infrastructure should there be an aerial attack

IDF releases explosive footage from 7th October attack, showing Hamas terrorists inside Al Shifa hospital

Notably, the terrorists appear well-versed with the ins and outs of the hospital as they maneuvered their way further inside the lobbies.

Israeli troops found Hamas weapons, combat gear in Al Shifa hospital in Gaza: Watch video

IDF claimed that they have uncovered Hamas weapons inside Gaza's largest hospital Al-Shifa.

‘Carrying out precise operation against Hamas in Al Shifa hospital, providing incubators, medical supplies to patients’: IDF says

"Yesterday, the IDF conveyed to the relevant authorities in Gaza once again that all military activities within the hospital must cease within 12 hours. Unfortunately, it did not," the IDF statement added.

IDF discovers Hamas tunnels below Gaza hospital, where Israeli civilians were kept hostage, recovers weapons

The IDF recovered a large cache of weapons including grenades, explosive vests, firearms and anti-tank missiles from the basement of he Al Rantisi Hospital in Gaza.

Israeli forces allow 4-hour evacuation corridor for Gazans, urge civilians to move to the south beyond Wadi Gaza wetlands

The IDF also allowed a four-hour evacuation passage from 10 am to 2 pm to south of Wadi Gaza on 6th November

Israel-Hamas war: IDF troops encircle Gaza City, urge civilians to evacuate as they close in on Hamas leadership hideouts

IDF has lost 19 soldiers since it launched the ground invasion of Gaza to respond to Hamas terror attack. Among the martyrs was Indian-origin Israeli soldier Staff-Sgt. Halel Solomon.

Hamas terrorists killed in Oct 7th attack against Jews were carrying instructions to deploy cyanide-based chemical bombs, reveal Israeli officials

Hamas terrorists killed in the October 7 attack on southern Israel were discovered carrying instructions on how to deploy cyanide-based chemical bombs, Israeli officials have revealed

Israel hits West Bank, destroys terror compound inside Al-Ansar Mosque in Jenin

The Israel Defense Forces informed that the Mosque in West Bank was used as a "command center to plan and execute terrorist attacks against civilians."

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