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Israel: During ceasefire with Hamas, three people, including a woman, killed in a terrorist attack in Jerusalem, 8 others injured

Three killed and multiple injured in the terror attack at the entrance to Jerusalem in Israel. The two terrorists were neutralised by off-duty military personnel.

As Israel launches Operation Swords of Iron in response to Hamas terror attack, website of Jerusalem Post crashes after multiple cyberattacks

Hackers targeted the website of Jerusalem Post with multiple cyberattacks, Israel's leading and best-selling English newspaper.

‘Your God is false, convert’: Debate over hatred and forced conversions after viral video from Israel shows Jewish children confronting 2 Christian missionaries

As per a blog post by David Collier, the missionaries were a part of 'Sarah's ministries for Jesus Christ' by controversial preacher Sarah Walis who has been accused of deliberately placing themselves in religious places and trying to proselytize non-Christians, especially Jews and Muslims in Israel.

Israel passes law to strip the citizenship of terror convicts who receive money from the Palestinian Authority

Knesset or parliament of Israel passed a law to deport and strip convicted terrorists of Israeli citizenship if they receive money from Palestinian Authority

Jerusalem: Juvenile terrorist shoots at two Jews, a day after deadly terror attack

Hamas spokesperson, Hazem Qaseem, hailed the terror attack and dubbed it as a 'heroic action' and a 'continuation of resistance' against Israelis.

Israel on high alert after deadly Jerusalem synagogue shooting, thousands of Palestinians celebrate the attack with firecrackers, sweets and Allah hu Akbar chants

In connection with a fatal shooting at a synagogue in East Jerusalem on Friday, Israeli police have detained 42 persons

Jerusalem: Palestinian terrorist kills 7 Jews, injures 3 others in a deadly attack, Hamas celebrates with fireworks in the streets of Gaza

21-year-old Palestinian terrorist went on a killing spree and gunned down 7 Jews outside a synagogue in Neve Yaakov in East Jerusalem.

Israel: 1 killed, several hurt in two separate bomb blasts at bus stops in Jerusalem, police call it terror attack

Two massive explosions occurred at two bus stations in Jerusalem killing a teenage boy and wounding more than a dozen of Israeli citizens.

Israeli forces and Palestinians clash at Al-Aqsa mosque in the old city of Jerusalem, security forces fire tear gas and stun grenades: Details

Clashes erupted early Friday between Israeli police and Palestinians inside the Al-Aqsa Mosque in East Jerusalem

Rana Ayyub’s brother Arif Ayyub wants Muslim nations to join military forces against Saudi, UAE and attack Israel, rants against India

Arif Ayyub was seen raving and ranting against the improving ties between Israel and UAE. He called the Saudi and UAE rulers 'debauch Arabs' who are not Islamic enough.

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