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UK-based National Secular Society removes mention of Jews while sharing message on Holocaust Memorial Day

A user on X wrote, "Glad that you’re marking the day. Concerned, as a member, that you felt the need to erase Jewish victims from your memorial. Any explanation?"

Hamas-sympathising UN employee Lamia Burkart targets whistleblower Khaled Hassan on X, UN first says she didn’t have any X account, later says it was...

Lamia Burkart is a Communications Strategist in UN Human Rights wing. She is a Hamas-sympathiser.

Billionaire Len Blavatnik, who has given $270 million so far, pauses donations to Harvard amidst anti-semitism controversy

Earlier, Blavatnik had donated around $270 million to the University, including a $200 million gift to Harvard Medical School in 2018 – the largest single gift in the history of the institution.

Harvard President Claudine Gay, who tried to give ‘context’ on genocide calls against Jews, accused of plagiarising her Ph.D. thesis

Demands are Gay's resignation are being made over her attempt to contextualise the calls for genocide of Jews on campuses at a Congressional hearing on 5th December.

‘I am sorry’: Harvard president Claudine Gay apologises for refusing to condemn genocide calls against Jews on campus

In the aftermath of global outrage, Claudine Gay has 'apologised' for refusing to condemn the calls for the genocide of Jews on the varsity campus.

Penn and Harvard rush to ‘clarify’ after their presidents told in a Congressional hearing that they can’t restrict calls for genocide against Jews on...

Interestingly, the Harvard president's statement posted on varsity's X profile on December 6 got community-checked with a note reading, "While under oath before Congress, the President of Harvard stated that condemning antisemitism and calls for genocide of Jews “depends on the context” as opposed to being simply wrong."

Sacha Baron Cohen and other Jewish celebrities slam TikTok for promoting people supporting Osama Bin Laden in meeting with the app’s officials

Jewish actor Sacha Baron Cohen slammed TikTok for allegedly creating “the biggest antisemitic movement since the Nazis.

Uddhav Sena MP Sanjay Raut shares shocking post justifying Hitler’s Holocaust against Jews, deletes it later: What happened

Sanjay Raut implied in his post that Hitler killed Jews in the holocaust because it was Jews who first committed heinous actions.

MIT didn’t suspend students unleashing hate speech against Jews as it would have led to their deportation, netizens react

Instead of suspending the protestors for posing a physical threat to the Jewish community on campus, the MIT President decided to act otherwise.

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