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Jihad just means struggle, not holy war – New York City Education Department’s training sessions try to whitewash Jihadi hate crimes

NYC's DOE sessions for educators whitewashed crimes linked to jihad and portrayed Jihad as just a struggle, instead of a holy war.

7 Haveri gangrape accused showing ‘no signs of remorse’, justify committing crime for Islam, several moral policing gangs formed by Muslim youths

A senior police officer said, "These group members and their network are always on the lookout for inter-faith couples and attacked them. The Akkialur and Byadagi moral policing incidents are similar, but it will be proved after investigation."

Ayodhya: How Hindus were massacred on the call of jihad by Maulvi Amir Ali after King Devi Bakhsh Singh built Ram Chabootra on Janmabhoomi

Hindu kings sacrificed their lives for Ram Janmbhoomi. They fought bravely against violent jihad to protect the holy site.

USA: Inspired by 7 October Hamas terror attack, New Jersey man tries to join terror group Al-Shabaab for missions of ‘death and destruction’, arrested

As per the US agencies, Nasr told the source, “After the Oct. 7 events, I felt that something has changed [for] the better, I mean. I felt that pride and dignity came back to the Muslims.”

The Guardian removes Osama Bin Laden’s ‘Letter to America’ after 21 years: Blatant Islamic justification for terrorism withdrawn only after TikTokers made it viral

Osama Bin Laden, in his letter, explained why Al Qaeda executed the attacks of 9/11 and why they have waged Jihad against America. In a notification, 'The Guardian' informed about the removal of this letter.

The Hindu’s English Magazine ‘FrontLine’ and its Editor decide to officially be Hamas-collaborators: The shameful justification of rape, torture and beheading

The Hindu's fortnightly magazine 'Frontline' has now officially taken a stand justifying and whitewashing the atrocities committed by Hamas against Israel's civilian population on the 7th of October 2023.

UK: Home Secretary Suella Braverman to quiz Metropolitan Police chief over his force’s defense of open calls for Jihad in Central London

Suella Braverman would use the meeting to question Met Chief regarding his views on his force's response to Saturday's incident, UK media reported citing the source. She would also emphasise that there is no place for incitement to hatred and direct the forces to crackdown on such violators.

UK: Metropolitan Police defends open calls for Jihad in Central London, says it was said in a different context

It must be mentioned that while Jihad means 'struggle' or 'fight' in Arabic, it implies spreading Islam through violent conquest in the religious context.

From Kashmir to Delhi: Islamists raise anti-Israeli slogans after Jumma Namaz in response to call for global jihad by Hamas

Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh (2017-present) called upon the Muslim community to engage in 'global jihad' and sacrifice their lives for the cause of Palestine.

‘Hindus should be killed like Jews’: Islamist Arif Nashriyaat with over 90K Insta followers, echoes the Hamas calls for a ‘Global Jihad’

Islamist Arif Nashriyaat forewarned Hindus of jihad and murder similar to those Hamas carried out in Israel.

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