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Jihadi in saffron clothing: Why Liberals are more than happy to peddle the “Kanhaiya killer was a BJP member” conspiracy theory

It has only been days since Jihadis brutally beheaded Kanhaiya Lal, a shopkeeper in Rajasthan, for extending support to Nupur Sharma.

“Criminals have no caste”: Udaipur Collector whitewashes Islamists who beheaded Kanhaiya Lal for supporting Nupur Sharma

A Hindu man was killed by Islamists in Udaipur for his social media post supporting ex-BJP leader Nupur Sharma.

‘Hindus worship idols, they are dirty’: Muslim boy exposes teachings of Madarsas in Bangladesh

Muslim children in Bangladesh Madarsas are being taught to hate Hindus.

Kerala court dismisses anticipatory bail plea of former MLA PC George, was earlier arrested for speaking against Islamic jihadism in the state

Kerala court has dismissed anticipatory bail plea of former MLA PC George after an FIR was filed against him for speaking about the growing menace of Islamic Jihad in Kerala

Gorakhnath temple attacker: Was ‘mental illness’ a well-planned alibi for a committed Jihadi

Ahmed Murtaza Abbasi, on the 3rd of April 2022, screamed Allahu Akbar and tried to enter the Gorakhnath Temple.

Another attempt to whitewash? One Maulana Ilyasi talks about his 2016 meeting with the Gorakhnath temple attack accused: Here is what he said

One Maulana Ilyasi has told the police that Ahmad Murtaza Abbasi, the Gorakhnath temple attack accused, was under the influence of black magic

50 years apart Pakistan still uses companies to run propaganda and call for ‘Jihad’

Times have changed, 'jehad' cause may have changed, modus operandi remains the same.

Gujarat: Another youth from Anand gets death threats over social media post, days after Dhandhuka youth gets killed over ‘blasphemy’

More shocking revelations emerge as investigation in Kishan Bharwad murder case intensifies.

Kishan Bharwad murder: Police suspect involvement of six Muslim clerics in the case; accused to be booked under UAPA

Role of 6 Muslims clerics in the murder of Kishan Bharwad has been suspected by police probing the case

Hindus protest in Gujarat after reports claim that the Kishan Bharwad murder case may have roots in Pakistan: Details

Kishan Bharwad's murder case took a sinister turn when a Pakistani political party's link, in this case, was revealed, according to reports

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