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50 years apart Pakistan still uses companies to run propaganda and call for ‘Jihad’

Times have changed, 'jehad' cause may have changed, modus operandi remains the same.

Gujarat: Another youth from Anand gets death threats over social media post, days after Dhandhuka youth gets killed over ‘blasphemy’

More shocking revelations emerge as investigation in Kishan Bharwad murder case intensifies.

Kishan Bharwad murder: Police suspect involvement of six Muslim clerics in the case; accused to be booked under UAPA

Role of 6 Muslims clerics in the murder of Kishan Bharwad has been suspected by police probing the case

Hindus protest in Gujarat after reports claim that the Kishan Bharwad murder case may have roots in Pakistan: Details

Kishan Bharwad's murder case took a sinister turn when a Pakistani political party's link, in this case, was revealed, according to reports

Maulana Tauqeer Raza Khan bays for Hindu blood in Bareilly, had allied with Congress in 2009 to strengthen ‘secularism’: Details

Maulana Tauqeer Raza Khan, Muslim cleric and chief of Ittehad-e-Millat Council party (IMC), was once again seen provoking Muslims

ISIS magazine asks Muslims to ‘take back Babri’, calls Hindus ‘filthy urine drinkers’ who learned civilised living from Muslims

The ISIS' digital magazine asks Indian Muslims to fight against the 'infidel' Hindus and the Indian government.

Here are 15 incidents where Islamists have openly called for genocide and ‘Jihad’ against Hindus

Islamists and their cheerleaders in the media have often turned a blind eye to open calls for Jihad, the genocide against Hindus, and the open calls for beheadings in the name of 'blasphemy'.

Why mainstream media and the Left’s campaign in favour of halal products is akin to promoting ‘soft jihad’

The media has initiated a campaign to brand critics of halal and halal certification as 'bigots'.

‘Only Muslims are being arrested in India, RSS and Mossad creating wars in Muslim countries’: Bizarre claims in news debate about spitting on food

Political analyst Masood Hashmi alleged that under PM Modi and CM Yogi only Muslims are being arrested for such crimes.

From ‘Jihadi Terror Desk’ to ‘Khalistani Terror Desk’: How Commissioner Rakesh Asthana is revamping the Special Cell of Delhi Police

The Delhi police commissioner had begun the restructuring process in September this year when as many as 79 DCPs were posted in special cells

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