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On the 65th anniversary of Dr BR Ambedkar’s conversion to Buddhism, read what he thought of Islam and the Muslims in India

Ambedkar opined that it is an improbable prospect to expect Muslims to accept the authority of a government ruled by a Hindu majority because for them Hindus are Kaffirs and therefore, unworthy of respect and undeserving of ruling them.

Video game on Israel-Palestine conflict that glorifies Jihad, rewards headshot and killing of Israeli soldiers stirs controversy: Details

'Fursan al-Aqsa: Knights of al-Aqsa Mosque' was developed by Nidal Nijm Games and is set to be released in December 2021.

‘Peasant rebellion’, ‘Wagon massacre’, tourism circuit: How Kerala govt is whitewashing Malabar genocide of Hindus by Moplah Muslims

2021 is the 100th anniversary of the Moplah Massacre of Hindus and Kerala Communist govt is trying its best to whitewash the massacre

Opposition leaders oppose ‘counter-terrorism’ course being offered in JNU: Here is all you need to know about it

A controversy has erupted after the Academic Council of JNU on August 17 cleared the deck for the new optional course on 'counter-terrorism'

Pakistan: ‘Gender Jihad’ activist who had posed in ‘bold dressing’ in front of MA Jinnah’s portrait in Islamabad arrested

Earlier this month, photos of 'Gender Jihad' activists in 'bold attire' in front of Jinnah's portrait along the Islamabad expressway had raised the hackles of Pakistani social media users

Colours of Jihad: Why does the Taliban use a white flag while ISIS uses a black one? Explained

Let’s try to understand what the subtle distinction, if there indeed is any, between the flags of the Taliban and the ISIS mean.

‘All religions same is a comfortable lie, truth is written on walls of destroyed temples’: Watch Nitin Gupta speak on temple destructions by Islamists

The ideology that promotes forced conversion also condones and rationalises the temple destructions by Islamic jihadis

Islamists are now co-opting ‘wokeism’ of leftists to promote radicalism under the insidious concept of ‘Dawa’: Ayaan Hirsi Ali

In her article published in The Unherd, Ayaan Hirsi Ali points out the threat presented by the nexus between the leftists and Islamists.

Special 26: Here are the verses in the Quran that Waseem Rizvi wants to delete

This is a comprehensive list of the verses, removed by Waseem Rizvi for the 'new Quran', which he claims promote terrorism.

Pro-Palestine Islamists march on British streets, call for a united attack on Israel by Muslim nations

Pro-Palestinian supporters call for Muslim nations' united attack on Israel to take back Jerusalem.

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