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Direct Action Day: The declared and undeclared agenda of the Hindu massacre and how Islamists are implementing it even today – From Sharjeel Imam...

Thoughts similar to the declared and undeclared agenda of the Direct Action Day are expressed by certain Muslim leaders and organizations in contemporary India. Sharjeel Imam and Popular Front of India are prime examples.

Direct Action Day, 1946: Read about the political developments that led to the ‘Great Calcutta Killings’ and how ‘Tukde Tukge Gang’ is carrying that...

In this article, we will take a look at the political developments that formed the background of Direct Action Day. Notably, it was not a single day of violence, but it lasted for 3 to 4 days when innocent Hindus in Kolkata were mercilessly butchered by the Muslims.

Viral video: Pakistani Maulana seen in photo with Aamir Khan describes dream where he sucked honey oozing from Jinnah’s fingers

In 2020, Tariq Jamil courted controversy for blaming women for the spread of Wuhan Coronavirus.

‘Naked, butchered bodies of Hindu women were hung at beef shops in Kolkata’: Direct Action Day survivor recalls the horror

Today on the 75th anniversary of horrific 'Direct Action Day', Rabindranath Dutta, a survivor recalled the brutality Islamists had inflicted on innocent Hindu women during those days.

Did Veer Savarkar ‘propose’ two-nation theory? How Islamists and Congress have lied about the idea that is inherent in Islamic theology

Veer Savarkar advocated for Hindus and Muslims to live in a common state, he didn't proposed the two-nation theory

Rangeela Rasool, 295A, partition: History threatens to repeat as demands for a special law to punish ‘gustakh-e-rasool’ grows

Nupur Sharma, the former BJP spokesperson, has been caught in a dangerous storm after she made certain innocuous comments during a TimesNow debate

Pakistani journalist cites Jogendra Nath Mandal to boast about Jinnah’s secularism: Here is why their first law minister had returned to India

Contrary to the claims of Hamid Mir, Jogendra Nath Mandal, a Hindu, had resigned from the Pak govt because of the brutal persecution of Hindus that went on in the newly formed Islamic country.

Andhra Pradesh: Jinnah Tower painted in tricolour days after Guntur Police arrested Hindu groups for hoisting India’s national flag there

Jinnah Tower is named after Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan. The BJP has already demanded to rename it in the name of APJ Abdul Kalam.

Gandhi’s last protest: How he blackmailed India into giving 55 cr to Pakistan, dragged Hindu, Sikh refugees seeking shelter in mosques to die in...

During the partition, Gandhi was in Bengal. He reached Delhi in September 9, 1947, and termed the Indian capital city as 'city of corpses'. In January 1948, when Pakistan was causing brutal attacks in Jammu and Kashmir, Gandhi started getting worried for Pakistan and the Muslims of Delhi.

‘Jinnah sabotaged the cause of Indian Muslims’: Maulana Mahmood Madani slams Akhilesh Yadav for his remarks on Jinnah

Mahmood Madani went on to say that because Akhilesh is leader of a party, he must have admired certain aspects of Jinnah's life.

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