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Shatrughan Sinha further added that he has come to the Congress party because of these leaders and he will never go to any other party in the future. He also asserted that it is his last party jump.
On November 26, ‘chicken fry’ was prepared at SS North Hostel and same oil had been allegedly used to prepare ‘Poori’ hurting sentiments of vegetarian students. 
The supreme sacrifice made by the votaries of undivided India should be gratefully remembered
First you lose lives; then you lose the memory of these lives and instead of outrage are left with guilt.
Dalai Lama's assertion might be innocent, but grievous nonetheless
Not quite here. Not quite there. Fallen between the cracks...
As Paris became worth a mass to Henry IV, so have Dongri and Null Bazaar become worth a mass to Jinnah
Muhammad Ali Jinnah is not just another figure lying in the debris of the history but is a cruel perpetrator of the past
As Imam Tawhidi said, “It’s somewhat fashionable to whitewash Islamic extremism by arguing that it’s not unique to Islam”.
Former Vice President has said that protest by AMU Student Union is commendable.
Anyone who doesn't agree with their ideology gets threatened, alleges activist
Aiyar is a habitual offender and often shames his own country in his love for Pakistan
I take the side of equality and justice for all
The national head of All-India Muslim Mahasangh blamed Jinnah for having broken the country at the time of partition
I request this cabal to make its stand clear on their support or opposition to Jinnah instead of playing the victim card.
Aligarh Muslim University needs to get it. ‘Being Muslim’ isn’t enough. You have to be constitutional as well.
Hindus have tied up our hands in the name of 'secularism' which makes us incapable of protesting against minority appeasement. 
Violence and terrorism cannot be defended on any grounds in any democracy. 
Indian secularists are blocking every avenue which could make India a harmonious society.
He blamed Indian leaders for creation of Pakistan and Bangladesh.

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