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Iran-Israel conflict: Blinken dials up Turkey, Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, asserts US position on ‘avoiding escalation’ in the region

The top US official also spoke with his counterparts in Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia following Iran's attacks in Israel. During his phone calls, Blinken emphasised the importance of avoiding escalation in the region and the importance of "a coordinated diplomatic response."

Drone attack kills 3 US troops in Jordan, leaving dozens injured

The attack on Tower 22 is the first known assault since the onslaught on U.S. and coalition forces began on October 17

Jordan’s King Abdullah refuses to meet Joe Biden after Gaza hospital blast, 4-way meeting in Amman stands cancelled

According to Al Jazeera, Jordan's King Abdullah would have hosted the four-way summit, which would have on its agenda the need to get humanitarian assistance to Gaza to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe.

No Gaza refugees will be allowed into Egypt or Jordan: King Abdullah says it is a ‘red line’, blames Israel in meeting with Scholz

Amid the Israel-Hamas war, King Abdullah II of Jordan issued a stern warning against attempting to forcibly push Palestinian refugees into Egypt or Jordan

Canada PM Justin Trudeau uses Israel crisis to whine against India to Jordan King, Jordan makes no mention of it in official statement

After being snubbed by his allies, Justin Trudeau tries to utilise the ongoing Israel crisis to whine against India in front of other world leaders like the King of Jordan, gets snubbed again

Did you know: Pakistan helped Jordan in carrying out a massacre of thousands of Palestinians during ‘Black September’

In 1970, Pakistan helped Jordan trains its army to massacre of thousands of Palestinian rebels residing in refugee camps around Amman.

Understanding the legal conflict looming over the recent wave of Israel-Palestinian violence: The Sheikh Jarrah property dispute

One of the main reasons behind the recent violence is the possible eviction of Palestinian tenants and squatters from the Jewish-owned Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood in East Jerusalem.

UK: Conservative party’s Israel body condemns BBC’s attempt to portray convicted Hamas terrorist as a victim, asks to apologise

CFI urges BBC to apologize to victims of 2001 Jerusalem bombing for showing Tamimi as a victim. The US has a 5 million USD bounty on Ahlam Tamimi.

Jordan: Man released early from prison to contain Coronavirus spread, dies immediately by a celebratory gunshot fired by cousin celebrating his release

Sari Salem Wardat in Jordan was shot dead by a celebratory gunshot fired by his cousin on the occasion of his early release from prison

Westerners get diseases like Coronavirus because they do not wash their buttocks with water, claims Islamic scholar

Jordanian Islamic Scholar Ahmad Al-Shahrouri has claimed that people living in the West suffer from diseases like the Wuhan Coronavirus because they do not wash their buttocks with water after performing their excretory functions as Muslims do.

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