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As ABC’s Avani Dias lies about visa extension, 30 foreign correspondents join the activism bandwagon, write ‘open letter’ to support the Khalistani sympathiser

Without confirming what exactly happened with the Visa status of Avani Dias, 30 journalists wrote in an open letter, insinuating that Indian government is not letting foreign journalists cover elections.

Favouritism, allowing harassment of women at the workplace, exploitation: How Left ecosystem shielded author of the book on Rahul Gandhi

Dayashankar Mishra, an author who wrote a book on Rahul Gandhi, has been accused of favouritism, sexual abuse, and exploitation.

Watch: Journalists start fighting among themselves to get their hands on the colour canister thrown in parliament

A video of TV reports sparring over the colour canister that was thrown inside the parliament has gone viral on social media.

Anti-Hindu Pakistani journalist Arshad Sharif brutalised, tortured for three hours before being shot, Pak journalist reveals

Senior journalist Kamran Shahid in his program “On the Front” aired on the Dunya News on Wednesday featured the leaked autopsy photos of Arshad Sharif

CNN apologises after staff illegally covers crime scene of Thailand nursery massacre; gets criticised for violating journalism ethics

CNN journalists were denied entry into the daycare center but they managed to get the footage of the brutal massacre including blood stains inside the premises.

The tale of two NDTV headlines: Mohammad Shalik’s murder vs Ankita, murdered by Shahrukh

It is regularly done by channels like NDTV to reinforce the narrative that the victims can only belong to one religion, and the aggressor always comes from one particular religion

Adani buying NDTV: Washington Post owned by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is concerned about ‘Modi ally’ endangering press freedom

Washington Post that is owned by Amazon's Jeff Bezos, expresses concerns about Adani buying NDTV, calls it worrying for 'press freedom'.

West Bengal: Mamata Banerjee threatens media for covering ‘negative stories’, warns companies against giving advertisements to ‘non-friendly channels’

Mamata Banerjee said, "In Bengal, we tolerate things but it doesn't mean that you will cross all limits...Bengal is soft, TMC is soft, isn't it?"

Journalist-turned-terrorist among two killed by security forces in Srinagar encounter

According to the Jammu and Kashmir police, one of the terrorists killed in the counter-terror operation is identified as Rayees Ahmad Bhat, who was a journalist.

UK High Court says Julian Assange can be extradited to USA, overturns lower court order

UK High Court judge Timothy Holroyde announced that the US government's appeal is allowed.

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