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West Bengal: Mamata Banerjee threatens media for covering ‘negative stories’, warns companies against giving advertisements to ‘non-friendly channels’

Mamata Banerjee said, "In Bengal, we tolerate things but it doesn't mean that you will cross all limits...Bengal is soft, TMC is soft, isn't it?"

Journalist-turned-terrorist among two killed by security forces in Srinagar encounter

According to the Jammu and Kashmir police, one of the terrorists killed in the counter-terror operation is identified as Rayees Ahmad Bhat, who was a journalist.

UK High Court says Julian Assange can be extradited to USA, overturns lower court order

UK High Court judge Timothy Holroyde announced that the US government's appeal is allowed.

Media propaganda 101: How Times of India turned positive news about India’s vaccination drive into a gloom and doom headline

Calculating that 75% of adults will be fully vaccinated by year end, Times of India chose to highlight that 25% will remain unvaccinated

BBC shuts down senior academic when she talks about how Pakistan has harboured and nurtured terrorists

"You are doing their propaganda work," Christine Fair commented before being cut off by the BBC presenter Philippa Thomas

Islamists and Pakistan sympathisers had come to the rescue of terror accused journalist Adil Farooq after his arrest in 2019

Adil Farooq was arrested in the year 2019 for his providing logistical support to Islamic terrorists.

Rana Ayyub tells Harvard University students how to speak ‘truth to power’, after spreading fake news over Ghaziabad fake hate crime

Rana Ayyub interacted with the students of Harvard University over challenges facing journalism and 'speaking truth to power'.

Here are some tricks used by “fact-checkers” and how to call them out

Like so many other things, fact-checking might have begun with a handful of good intentions at heart but that is not what it is now

Journalism: The new performance art

With the COVID-19 pandemic, journalists have screamed "Beware of the Ides of March" to anyone who would listen - Barkha Dutt for example.

MeToo accused and co-founder of leftist propaganda website The Wire Sidharth Bhatia elected as President of Mumbai Press Club

The co-founder of leftist propaganda website Sidharth Bhatia secured a victory against Sudhakar Kashyap to be elected as the President of the Mumbai Press Club.

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