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Karan Thapar

My message distorted: ‘Journalist’ Karan Thapar reacts to Jai Anant Dehadrai’s post saying Thapar tried to protect Shashi Tharoor in a molestation case

Karan Thapar has seemingly admitted the veracity and content of the purported chat with Jai Anant Dehardai regarding Shashi Tharoor and alleged that his message was ‘distorted’ and ‘misconstrued’.

Jai Anant Dehadrai reveals message by Karan Thapar, says he tried to protect Shashi Tharoor after alleged molestation incident: Here is what the message...

In his post on X, Jai Anant Dehadrai said "Karan Thapar is a twisted and corrupt monster - the suave and articulate exterior is a scam. Went out of his way to protect dirty Shashi from me, in the hotel molestation incident of 11th October 2022 - rather than supporting the victim. Lutyens filth is astounding."

‘No mention of 23 crops, formula in manifesto’: Interview of Congress leader with The Wire shows party backtracking on Rahul Gandhi’s MSP promise

Praveen Chakravarty failed to name specific crops that the Congress party plans to procure at MSP if it is elected to power.

Kapil Sibal repeats opposition lies on electoral bonds in an interview with The Wire, claims Future Gaming, which made largest donation to TMC &...

Kapil Sibal was essentially, attempting to peddle the same conspiracy theory that the entire leftist ecosystem has been peddling that BJP extorted money in form of electoral bonds from firms like Future Gaming and Hotel Services to provide legal security or frame favourable laws

Ram Mandir, Sanatan Dharma, and the shallow discourse: Unraveling ‘historian’ Ramachandra Guha and ‘journalist’ Karan Thapar’s limited grasp of Hindu way

Karan Thapar's interview with Ramchandra Guha exposed flawed perspective of the left about Sanatan Dharma and Hindus

Pakistan State Media uses Satya Pal Malik’s interview with The Wire journalist Karan Thapar to give Pakistan a clean chit in the Pulwama attack

Pakistan state media shared excerpts from Satyapal Malik's interview with The Wire journalist Karan Thapar to deny the country's role in the dreadful Pulwama incident

Satyapal Malik interview: The Wire’s Karan Thapar falsely accuses PM Modi, HM Amit Shah and Yogi Adityanath of making open anti-Muslim statements

While interviewing the former Governor of Jammu and Kashmir Satyapal Malik, Karan Thapar from The Wire brazenly made some false accusations against PM Modi and HM Amit Shah to project them anti-Muslims

How Karan Thapar’s interview of Satya Pal Malik gives a free pass to terrorists and Islamist ideology responsible for the Pulwama attack

Satya Pal Malik blamed Centre for Pulwama attack over its refusal to permit CRPF personnel to be airlifted to their destination.

Even as India battles terror export from Pakistan, Karan Thapar calls India ‘mean-hearted’ for not having a ‘generous’ visa regime for Pakistanis

While Pakistan continues to export terror to India, Karan Thapar wants India to provide 'generous' visa regimes to Pakistanis.

Ravish Kumar has become the megalomaniac he accuses Modi of being, summary of the two ‘interviews’ he gave since becoming a YouTuber

Ajit Anjum and Karan Thapar gave platform to Ravish Kumar to share his narcisstic rants after leaving NDTV

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