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Going by your words, let me ask you, Rahul Gandhi, my fellow community member a few questions. Why do you harbour such hate towards the Kashmiri Pandit community that you call your own?
People from several places in the country found that their names were missing from voter lists.
PM Modi further assured the Kashmiri Pandits that he was committed to settling the displaced Pandits in their native places in Kashmir and added that the work has already started in this regard. 
Kashmiri Pandits were not too thrilled with what seemed like Priyanka Gandhi Vadra's goof-up
Kathua rape victim's parents removed Rajawat as their lawyer after she attended only 2 out of 110 hearings in Pathankot court.
A similar rationale as Barkha Dutt's was given by the Nazis of Germany to justify their anti-Semitism and genocide of Jews and Altnews justified it
According to Azad, it appears Islamic intolerance towards Hinduism is not communal in nature. 
And till we have a better world, we need a Hindu nation here in India. Equal rights for Hindus in India would be a good beginning.
We have often seen that people who support the Naxalites also take the side of Kashmiri separatists.
India and Indians will have to be prepared for a war of narratives as well as ideologies
There has been a concentrated efforts to whitewash the crimes committed by Aurangzeb
The Apex Court is going to hear a PIL on scrapping of 35A on August 16.
Governments, strategists and nationalists must be ready for this battle over opinions and ideas.
He was called a 'war criminal' by protesting group
Manish Tewari puts his foot in his mouth
The few Pandits left in Kashmir are having a harrowing time
The bigotry and hate that some people can easily get away with under the garb of 'liberalism' is horrifying.
Arrest warrant against her for some tweets is actually the embodiment of what is known as Kashmiriyat.
The Nadimarg massacre remains one of the worst attacks on Kashmiri Pandits
A campaign is on to deny the history to Kashmir Hindus, who were killed and driven out of their homeland.
The fake screenshot was taken from a prominent Facebook troll page to humiliate filmmaker Ashoke Pandit.
When things look too good to be true, they usually aren't
The efforts and ideas behind resettling Kashmiri Hindus are not rooted in realities of today.
Hope, Hype, or Hoax? What is this 'Kashmiriyat' that is celebrated as the spirit of the Kashmir Valley?
The reactions are part of a well thought of strategy that will hurt India and benefit Pakistan in the long run.
To arrive at a more dependable picture of reality, we must recognize these common filters
19 January 1990 will keep reminding us how a democratic system which boasts about secularism failed miserably
Mishra said that communal divide had always existed in the country and everyone, including Congress and Left, had only worked to widen it.
Anupam Kher responds to an article published in Firstpost, which blamed Kashmiri Pandits for their own troubles.

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