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Bishop Franco Mulakkal is still a free man today. Still a revered man. Still a hero.
The letter from the superior-general reportedly accused Sister Rose of not cooperating with her local convent head and her “revolutionary approach”. It further says the nun’s refusal to “fall in line” raises severe questions about her commitment to the vow of obedience.
Union Minister Smriti Irani accused the Kerala government of being blind to nuns’ ordeal
A large number of sexual exploitation cases of nuns has emerged across India.
Father Kuriakose's brother alleged that he had been killed for giving a statement against Bishop Franco Mulakkal
Father Kuriakose had claimed that he was constantly threatened by church officials for standing against the rape accused Bishop
Father Kuriakose had testified against Bishop Franco in the Kerala nun rape case.
Barely a week after Bishop Franco's release on bail, Father Kuriakose, a key witness in the nun rape case is dead.
In other words, Bishop Franco Mulakkal was wearing three levels of magic armour.
The entire ecosystem is advocating the wrongdoer because of the position he holds and power he adheres
The Vatican needs to urgently end its practice of shielding and helping the priests who are nothing but a blot on humanity itself.
The nun, disturbed by the church's decision said that this was the price she was being made to pay for standing by the truth

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