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Khushbu Sundar

‘No hidden cameras’? Read how Khushbu Sundar’s reply to a specific question was used by propagandists to mislead the narrative again in Udupi bathroom...

Khushbu Sundar did not deny the secret recording of Hindu women in college washroom by their Muslim classmates.

Tamil Nadu: Chennai Police arrests DMK leader Sivaji Krisnamurthy over derogatory comments against BJP’s Khushbu Sunder and Governor

Chennai Police arrests DMK leader Sivaji Krishnamurthy over derogatory comments against BJP leader Khushbu Sunder and Governor RN Ravi.

DCW chief Swati Maliwal says her father sexually assaulted her when she was a child, days after BJP leader Khushbu Sundar made similar allegations

“I was sexually assaulted by my own father when I was a child. I was very small at that time. My father used to beat me up and I used to hide under the bed to save myself,” Swati Maliwal said

DMK’s Saidai Sadiq booked over his derogatory remarks against BJP leader Khushbu Sundar

DMK leader Saidai Sadiq sparked a major controversy with his lewd remarks for female BJP leaders, including Khusbhu Sundar.

Tamil Nadu BJP chief writes to NCW seeking action against DMK leader Saidai Sadiq’s sexist jibe at female BJP leaders

DMK spokesperson Saidai Sadiq's sexist jibe at Khushbu Sundar and other women BJP leaders has kicked up a storm with BJP seeking immediate action against the leader

DMK leader Saidai Sadiq makes sexual innuendos against women actor-turned-BJP leaders, DMK MP Kanimozhi apologizes on his behalf: Read what happened

DMK MP Kanimozhi was responding to a Tweet posted by BJP leader Khushbu Sundar, who tagged Kanimozhi and asked if insulting women was part of the “new Dravidian Model”.

Khushbu Sundar joins BJP, all set to become a filthy, illiterate, physically ret**ded, brain dead, religiously fanatic monkey: Read how

As Khushbu Sundar quits Congress to join the BJP, her old anti-BJP tweets come back to haunt her

‘Few people on higher level dictating terms’: Congress spokesperson Khushbu Sundar resigns from party

In her letter addressed to party president Sonia Gandhi, she claimed that she did not join the party for monetary gains as she joined it in 2014 after Congress had lost the general elections.

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