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AIMIM's Asadudding Owaisi and Congress' Renuka Chowdhary will also fight it out today
PM Modi reminded the people of the state that to continue the stride of the state on the tracks of development, they have to make sure that they vote the NDA to power again.
He stated that though the Indian public has rejected the corrupt leaders, they are being celebrated in Pakistan. Their love for Pakistan is so deep that the question surgical strikes but support the statements of Pakistan made against India.
Kiren Rijiju's presence in the bilateral security meeting hints at the refusal of the Indian government to concede to China's claims anymore.
The Police Commemoration Day is observed every year on October 21 in memory of the policemen killed at Hot Springs in Ladakh by Chinese troops on this date in 1959.
The CEO of NITI Ayog was speaking at the Future Mobility Summit-2018
Rahul Gandhi took to Twitter on Tuesday to register his comments about the detention of these five activists,
There has been a sharp decline in foreign funding received by NGOs too
The sanction on JuA was done on the request by Pakistan, which claimed the group’s link to Indian Intelligence agencies
The NDA government is refusing to change its stance despite pressure from 'eminent' personalities.
Three districts of Arunachal Pradesh that share a border with Myanmar will continue to have AFSPA for another six months
Increasing number of tourists are expected to visit Arunachal Pradesh as centre eases norms
This is a result of the government's crackdown on FCRA violations
The Minister of State for Home Affairs didn't mince his words regarding this issue
Media will finally face the wrath of the government.
While Congress in Delhi is accusing the minister of corruption, local leaders are backing him.
Are corruption charges against the union minister tenable?
Big Lies 1. 27 November 2015: IndiaTimes - Prime Minister Narendra Modi Caught Sleeping During Parliament Session We had written on this in more detail here. Indiatimes declared that PM Modi was sleeping in the parliament during session, based on some pictures floating on social media. While they chose to believe this information from social media, they turned a blind eye to the other information from social media it self which released the full video of the time when Modi was "sleeping". From the video it was clear that Modi had only looked down for a few seconds and was far from...
A loosely worded statement from Rijiju gets spun by media

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