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Fact Check: TMC leader Kirti Azad passes off old photo of BJP workers as ‘Sanghis protesting against Canada outside Canara Bank’

Interestingly, the original picture was photoshopped with another image of Canara Bank by Kirti Azad to lend credence to his dubious claims.

TMC leader Kirti Azad issues ‘apology’ over his tweet, where he used a morphed image, insulting PM Modi’s traditional attire during his visit to...

Kirti Azad tweeted a photoshopped image of PM Modi wearing a traditional attire of Meghalaya during his visit to Shillong

Kirti Azad shares photoshopped image to insult PM Modi, Himanta Biswa Sarma slams him for insulting culture of Meghalaya

Kirti Azad also included a derogatory caption to the photoshopped image in his tweet.

TMC leader Kirti Azad shares alleged quote by RSS ideologue Golwalkar, netizens correct him: Here is what happened

Trinamool Congress (TMC) leader Kirti Azad has a lengthy history of disseminating misinformation.

BJP turned Congress turned TMC leader Kirti Azad spreads fake news about BJP leaders attacked in Uttar Pradesh

BJP’s national executive committee member Dr Anirban Ganguly rebuked TMC Kirti Azad for not being able to distinguish between the hinterlands of West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh

First Kirti Azad, now Udit Raj: Congress leaders make offensive comments on Sourav Ganguly after the cricket stalwart suffers heart attack

Congress leaders are busy outshining each other, when it comes to spreading toxic negativity against Sourav Ganguly

Congress leader Kirti Azad slammed on social media after distasteful comment on Sourav Ganguly following the latter’s heart attack

Kirti Azad is facing great criticism on social media for his disgusting tweet at Sourav Ganguly after the latter suffered a heart attack.

Not interested: Nirbhaya’s mother snubs Congress after party’s election in-charge in Delhi, Kirti Azad Tweets ‘welcome’ message

Nirbhaya's mother Asha Devi blamed the Delhi government and jail authorities for the delay in the hanging of the convicts.

Dhanbad: ‘Modi zindabad’ slogans in Rahul Gandhi’s roadshow, boy thrashed by police for wearing Modi mask

"Chowkidar pure hain, unka aana sure hain", slogans heard at Rahul Gandhi' Dhanbad roadshow

Congress workers used to do booth capturing for me and my father when there was no EVM : Congress leader Kirti Azad

Kirti Azad was suspended from the Bharatiya Janata Party in 2015 after he accused senior BJP leader Arun Jaitley of Corruption.

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