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Kishan Bharwad Murder

I thought I would meet Kishan Bharwad’s fate: Delivery boy threatened by Islamists in Surat for having ‘Kattar Hindu’ sticker on his bike

Surat delivery boy Manish Prahaldbhai Chaudhari was threatened with death for writing 'Kattar Hindu' on his bike

‘He did not deserve to live, because he was a Hindu’: Read what has changed in a year since Kishan Bharwad was killed by...

Kishan Bharwad murder case: One year on, how the family has gathered their lives after their young son was murdered by Islamists over alleged 'blasphemy'

Pakistan-based Dawat-e-Islami brainwashing Indian Muslims into Jihad, offering online courses that glorify Pakistan: Report

India Today has made shocking revelations that Dawat-e-Islami has employed technology as a weapon to push its Jihad in India

‘Hindus killed for being Hindus’ series: Story of Kishan Bharwad, a simple boy who loved cows, killed by Islamists before he could see his...

A 27-year-old Hindu youth Kishan Bharwad was killed by Islamists on 25th January 2022, merely for being a Hindu

NIA investigates the link between the Udaipur beheading of Kanhaiya Lal and other ‘blasphemy’ killings like that of Kishan Bharwad: Details

On the afternoon of 28th June 2022, 2 Muslim assailants walked into a Hindu tailor Kanhaiya Lal's shop posing as customers and beheaded him for a post supporting Nupur Sharma.

Kishan Bharwad and Kanhaiya Lal: The eerie similarities between two brutal murders by Islamists in the name of blasphemy

The murders of Kanhaiya Lal and Kishan Bharwad by Islamists have striking similarities.

‘Having an opinion on Prophet Muhammad is not derogatory, FoE is not blasphemy’: Madras HC’s historic verdict from 2019

History has it that any type of depiction of Prophet Muhammad has always drawn fierce pushback from Islamists around the world

Gujarat: Botad ‘don’ Siraj threatens businessman with ‘Kishan Bharwad’ style fate over loudspeakers for Hanuman Chalisa

On 25th January 2022, a 27-year-old youth, Kishan Bharwad, was shot dead in Dhandhuka taluka, which falls in Ahmedabad (Rural), over an allegedly blasphemous social media post.

Hindus keep getting killed over social media posts: No freedom of expression for Harsha, Kishan and many more

People getting slayed over social media posts shows that there is no such thing as freedom of expression for Hindus in India.

Kishan and Lavanya get forgotten while burqa-clad Sharia loyalists get echoed in Supreme Court: A tale of two Indias

Kishan and Lavanya will be simply two more names to be documented and filed away in some police station's records.

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