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Kishan Bharwad Murder

Gujarat: Botad ‘don’ Siraj threatens businessman with ‘Kishan Bharwad’ style fate over loudspeakers for Hanuman Chalisa

On 25th January 2022, a 27-year-old youth, Kishan Bharwad, was shot dead in Dhandhuka taluka, which falls in Ahmedabad (Rural), over an allegedly blasphemous social media post.

Hindus keep getting killed over social media posts: No freedom of expression for Harsha, Kishan and many more

People getting slayed over social media posts shows that there is no such thing as freedom of expression for Hindus in India.

Kishan and Lavanya get forgotten while burqa-clad Sharia loyalists get echoed in Supreme Court: A tale of two Indias

Kishan and Lavanya will be simply two more names to be documented and filed away in some police station's records.

Gujarat: FIR lodged against Hidyat, Jabir and others for threatening, assaulting youths who demanded justice for Kishan Bharwad

A 17-year-old minor Hindu boy was also threatened with physical harm by one Bahelim Hamid for a social media post on Lord Ram.

Kishan Bharwad Murder Case: Maulana Usmani had a social media team to attract Muslim youth towards the fanatic Islamic racket

Maulana Usmani, who instigated killing of Kishan Bharwad, runs a SM team to attract Muslims towards fundamentalism

Kishan Bharwad murder case raised in Rajya Sabha, BJP MP Kailash Soni talks about other Hindus who were on the ‘hit list’

BJP MP Kailash Soni raised the Kishan Bharwad murder issue in Rajya Sabha during zero hour on Thursday

Kishan Bharwad case: 26 people were on target of Islamists, Maulvis including Yati Narsinghanand, Jitendra Narayan Tyagi alias Wasim Rizvi

Investigating agencies are probing whether the people on the list were also targets of assassination by the radicals

Surat: College student assaulted by Muslim classmates for ‘offensive’ social media post, two students arrested

Muslim students of KP Commerce College in Surat assault Hindu classmate for 'offensive' social media post

Kishan Bharwad murder case: Maulana Ayyub printed 1500 copies of a book to brainwash Muslim youths, hawala connection also found

Maulana Ayyub had printed 1500 copies of book 'Jajba-e-Shahadat' to distribute among Muslim youths to brainwash them

Gujarat: Muslim youth in Surat’s Limbayat caught with a country made pistol, police probing ‘love jihad’ angle

Yasin Sheikh Qureshi's arrest comes just days after the sensational murder of Kishan Bharwad in Dhandhuka, Ahmedabad where investigation has revealed a much larger conspiracy and involvement of jihadi network

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