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Passionate 10-minute-kiss leaves boyfriend deaf: Expressing love on China’s Valentine’s Day ruptures eardrum of a Chinese man, read why it happens

The incident took place on 22nd August 2023. The Qixi Festival is the Chinese equivalent of Valentine's Day.

Jenni Hermoso and several others refuse to play after she was forcibly kissed by chief of Spanish football Luis Rubiales: Details

On August 20, Sunday, the Spanish women's football federation chief Rubiales came under fire for kissing Spain midfielder Jenni Hermoso on her lips during the trophy celebration

Dalai Lama apologises after his controversial video drew condemnation, says the boy had asked for a hug

Tibetan spiritual guru The Dalai Lama has extended an apology after a recent video of him drew widespread condemnation on social media.

Video of Mumbai couple kissing on railway platform goes viral, RPF clarifies that the video is old

The Railway Protection Force Mumbai division clarified that the video is one year old.

Shilpa Shetty cleared of obscenity charges 15 years after 2007 Richard Gere kiss: Details

The Mumbai Court dismissed the case against Shilpa Shetty stemming from 2007 kiss with Richard Gere saying that it was baseless and groundless.

Matt Hancock love affair: British health secretary apologises for breaking social distancing norms after pictures of him kissing his aide surface

Britain's health secretary Matt Hancock was caught on camera kissing his aide millionaire lobbyist Gina Coladangelo in his office

Pakistan: Midair kiss by couple causes uproar, complaint filed against airline for not stopping ‘indecent behaviour’

Air hostess had given the couple a blanket after they refused to stop kissing to keep their kiss under wrap.

Russian couples protest against COVID-19 restrictions by kissing in packed trains

Several videos have now gone viral in which couple were seen kissing their partners in crowded subways in Russia

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