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Ladakh: Bus driver Ahmed Shah jumped off the bus seconds before it fell in river killing 7 Indian Army soldiers and injuring 19, FIR...

Bus driver Ahmed Shah booked for negligent driving resulting in accident that took lives of seven Indian Army soldiers

Are Arunachal Pradesh and Ladakh ‘punishment’ posting locations? Here is why the ‘dog walking’ IAS couple was transferred there from Delhi

IAS couple Sanjeev Khirwar and Rinku Dugga transferred to Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh because they belong to AGMUT cadre

Rahul Gandhi compares Ladakh to Ukraine, China to Russia: Is this a ploy to hanker for US interference to destabilise India

In response to a question on India's role in the Russia-Ukraine crisis, Rahul Gandhi replied that Ladakh is to China what Ukraine is to Russia.

“Both bridges are in areas under illegal occupation of China since 1960s”: MEA objects to China building another bridge over Pangong lake

MEA objects to China building second bridge over Panong lake in eastern Ladakh, says India does not accept its

Jammu and Kashmir Delimitation report in final stage, however, POJK refugees fear the worst: The ramifications of keeping 24 seats vacant

Delimitation Commission, appointed by EC on the instructions of the NDA govt is in the last stages of finalizing its report on Jammu & Kashmir.

Meet Suraj Singh, the only visually impaired lawyer practising in the J&K and Ladakh High Court, and now appointed as a Government advocate

Suraj Singh who hails from Jammu has been a practicing lawyer in the J&K and Ladakh High Court for over a decade.

India and China: Revisiting the 1962 war and 2020 Galwan attack

China has been receiving a lot of international criticism on the issue of Human rights violations of Uighur Muslims. Besides, China passed the Hong Kong National Security Law which faced widespread criticism both at the national and international levels.

China upset after India blocks Chinese apps and raids Huawei, says India damaging business interests of Chinese companies

India till date has banned around 321 Chinese apps since 2020. Initially India blocked 59 Chinese apps, then 47 and later around 118 apps citing concerns of data security of Indian users.

‘They kept slipping and being rushed downstream’: New report on Galwan clash says 38 PLA soldiers had drowned in river

Reportedly, 38 personnel from the PLA had drowned in the Galwan river, with Chinese Col. Fabao being hit by Indian soldiers with 'sticks' on his head.

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