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Congress has claimed to be a centric party but how pretentious centric party claim can actually leave you in abeyance, this manifesto is a perfect example of that.
Aligarh Muslim University needs to get it. ‘Being Muslim’ isn’t enough. You have to be constitutional as well.
A person, incidental a supporter of Narendra Modi, was booked for very similar reasons recently.
The details and merits of the case are being missed due to outrage over 'attack on press'
The incident has come to light from Rampur district of Uttar Pradesh
The liberated women are coming
Incremental changes, but for damage control
No need to protest the firecracker ban or troll the 'seculars'. This is a moment for some introspection. Do it.
A brief look at the history of the case, and the major arguments made in the Supreme Court by both sides.
if you want freedom, learn to outrage on every assault on freedom of expression.
Kinara Masjid near Haji Ali in Mumbai was to be razed, but now the court has gone back on its order.
The AAP leading propaganda news portal has violated a rule that attracts up to 6 months of imprisonment.
Two of the accused named Salman and Shahid have now been apprehended by the police
CBI, IT, or police raids are common part of investigations. Why hue and cry when media is investigated?
The television journalist has been caught multiple times spreading lies on Twitter of late.
If Pakistan defies the ICJ order, India can move to the UN Security Council to seek justice for Kulbhushan.
Times has filed a case claiming Tharoor and Lalu tapes as their intellectual ‘property’ that were stolen by Arnab.
The Shahi Imam further said that his post as Imam was far more important than any minister's post.
Maharashtra government has virtually given veto power to minorities over installation of statues
There would be no financial free run for the NGOs just because they claim to be involved in working for the betterment of the society
Crimes committed by a criminal group shouldn’t be discounted based on which side of the cow they are!
The real threat that journalists face are from people who expose their bias and propaganda
People are not happy with the latest law enacted by the Fadnavis Govt in Maharashtra
Maharashtra has become the first state to pass a special law that aims to protect journalists from attacks.
A comparative analysis of liquor ban in Bihar and illegal slaughterhouse shutdown in Uttar Pradesh
Four major areas of actions that the government should focus on for overall development.
My friend told me that removing IPC 295(A) is idealistic and won’t help Hindus. I tried to reason.
Beyond the 'liberal' outrage, what do ban on illegal slaughterhouses and anti-romeo squads mean for UP residents?
Illegal slaughterhouses are not just about not having a few government documents.

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