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I was in the stadium – disappointed at India’s loss and angry at those dissing the crowd. Here is how I felt during the...

It was the 43rd over. I was at the stands with a mix of disappointment and admiration as the ICC World Cup 2023's final match played out

Indian Express faux pass: Forgets to remove editorial note to call Khalistanis as ‘militants’, not terrorists

The current version of the Indian Express report mentions Khanda as a 'well-known pro-Khalistan activist'.

Women harassed, children forced to learn Urdu and Namaz: Why isn’t the media interested in covering the plight of Hindus in Haldwani?

Haldwani ground report in which Hindus describe the harassment and threats they face at the hands of the local Muslim majority.

Devesh Kumar, who is now being blamed by The Wire, had been in left-wing activism for a long. Read how

Devesh Kumar, Ayushman and The Wire kept on building a story based on an app that never existed

Bolivian soldier who had shot dead leftist fighter Che Guevara dies at 80 in Santa Cruz de la Sierra

Bolivian soldier Mario Teran, who had shot dead Che Guevara in 1967, dies at the age of 80

The Left’s refusal to condemn Siddharth and Kanhaiya Kumar for their innuendos reveals their hollow commitment to feminism

Even as the Left fashions itself as the champion of "feminism", their silence on innuendos by Siddharth and Kanhaiya Kumar betrays their hypocrisy

Clubhouse shenanigans: Congress spokesperson sends legal notice to Leftist for ‘being friends with’ Hindutvavadis who asked for ‘Hindu Rashtra’

A Congress spokesperson, active on Clubhouse has sent a legal notice to a "leftist" because Wikipedia says Left is against Hindutva

Here are 12 instances when the leftist media fanned fear against vaccines just before the second Covid wave

Leftist propaganda websites hosted articles that raised doubts about Indian vaccines, thereby fuelling vaccine hesitancy in the months leading to the resurgent coronavirus outbreak.

‘Maybe coz I tweeted against Greta Thunberg and Disha Ravi’, says French journalist Francois Gautier after Twitter arbitrarily deletes his account

Twitter has, in fact, arbitrarily suspended accounts of many users who do not fall into line with its leftist ideologies

New public enemy no. 1? Twitter censors account for Pepe the Frog meme citing ‘hateful imagery’

'Pepe The Frog', one of the most popular internet memes of all time, was originated in the "Boy's Club" by Matt Furie in 2005.

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