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UK: Sperm donor fathered 15 children for lesbian mothers without telling them he had an inheritable ‘low-IQ’ illness

Sperm donor James MacDougall fathered 15 kids to lesbian mothers without telling them about his incurable genetic illness.

Kerala woman Fathima Noora abducted by her family alleges her lesbian partner Adhila Nassrin, expresses concerns on social media

According to the Facebook post, the lesbian couple was subjected to emotional torture and blackmail.

England: Social services had ignored repeated complaints of cruelty on 16-month-old child by evil lesbian couple before they killed the kid

Lesbian couple Savannah Brockhill and Frankie Smith found guilty of killing Smith's 16 months old child Star Hobson in Keighley, England

Benedetta: Movie about lesbian nuns with racy sex scenes gets into trouble over accusations of blasphemy

A particular scene from Benedetta, where a wooden statue of the Virgin Mary is being used as a sex toy, especially miffed some people.

English cricketer James Anderson deletes old tweet calling Stuart Broad a ‘15-Year-Old Lesbian’, says he is a changed man now

A tweet by veteran fast bowler James Anderson mocking Stuart Broad on February 20, 2010, has now come under ECB's scanner

Japan: Lesbian lover ordered to pay compensation to a man for having a sexual relationship with his wife

The 37-year-old woman had claimed that her lover’s husband was fully aware of her relationship with his wife and it caused no harm in their marriage.

Individuals identifying as LGBT sees sharp rise in USA as Transgender and Bisexual population registers high growth, poll shows

Gender has become an extremely politicized matter in western countries with the ascendency of Gender Identity politics.

Pakistan-origin British boxer Amir Khan’s wife Faryal Makhdoom criticised for accusing fan of being lesbian in her hijab pic

Faryal Makhdoom also got accused of being a 'convertible' for wearing abaya and hijab on one day and wearing revealing outfits the other.

Jharkhand: Lesbian cousin sisters marry each other in a temple, had fled from home to live together

As the women are consenting adults, the police had turned their families away when they complained.

Not born gay: Scientific study finds there is no ‘Gay Gene’, human sexuality is a consequence of genetic and environmental factors

Genetic factors accounted for at most 25% of same-sex behaviour, the study concluded.

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