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After Rahul Gandhi said he knows the system from inside since birth, Himanta Biswa Sarma asks him about mysterious deaths & other cases during...

Before saying that the list of such unresolved mysteries is longer, CM Sarma in his fifth question asked about the 2009 joint statement wherein the then-PM Manmohan Singh ended up legitimising Pakistan’s accusations that India foments insurgency in Balochistan. “One whose instructions did Dr Manmohan Singh give a clean chit to Pakistan in Sharm-El-Sheikh?” Sarma asked.

Rajdeep Sardesai shares a 2007 report to claim Congress govt did not focus on minorities: Here is how that very article betrays his propaganda

Rajdeep Sardesai tries to fact check PM Modi on UPA govt's preference for Muslims in scheme, gets fact-checked himself

Congress leader Rashid Alvi backs former PM Manmohan Singh over his statement advocating the ‘first right’ on resources for Muslims

"Former PM Manmohan Singh said people in the last line have first right to resources, and factually, Indian Muslims are in the last line," Rashid Alvi said.

‘Muslims have first claim on India’s resources’: How Congress tried to defend the controversial speech of Manmohan Singh in 2006 and why it does...

On 9th December 2006, the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh stated categorically that Muslims have the first claim on India's resources.

Modi Vs Manmohan after 10 years in office: One gifted 123 prime properties in Delhi to Waqf Board, while other one is gifting world-class...

While the Modi government’s ‘Sabka Vikas’ entails the philosophy of welfare politics through ‘politics of saturation’, the UPA government was marred with the accusation of having a communal tilt, politics of appeasement.

Congress resumes its social media goof-ups, this time exposing how Rajiv Gandhi called Dr Manmohan Singh and his team a ‘bunch of jokers’

When Congress asked who was the PM when 7th 5 year plan was started, netizens told them that Rajiv Gandhi had called planning commission a 'bunch of jokers'

Congress says ‘नमामि देवी नर्मदे’ today but read how UPA led by Congress sat on Sardar Sarovar Dam files to keep Gujarat parched for...

On November 25, Congress shared a video of Rahul Gandhi performing Aarti at the Narmada Ghat in Omkareshwar in MP.

Did Manmohan Singh violate the Official Secrets Act? Here is what Sanjaya Baru said after controversy over Tavleen Singh’s remarks

After Sanjaya Baru said that he never claimed that Manmohan Singh violated Official Secrets Act, Tavleen Singh conceded she was wrong to claim the same

‘Read the Quran, God has no form’: Shivraj Patil now tries to Abrahamise Hinduism after claiming Lord Krishna taught Jihad to Arjun

Patil had earlier alleged that Lord Krishna taught about Jihad to Arjuna during the Mahabharata.

Congress leaders attack Tavleen Singh for saying Sonia Gandhi had access to secret files, here is how she isn’t entirely wrong

Several documents available in public domain have revealed that Sonia Gandhi was "proxy Prime Minister"

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