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We are happy that because of his martyrdom, a thousand lives are saved: Father of braveheart J&K cop Mudassir Ahmed

"Because of his sacrifice, a thousand other lives were saved. We are very proud of him today", Mudassir Ahmed's grief-stricken father Maqsood Ahmed Sheikh said.

Jammu Kashmir People’s Forum holds rally to pay homage to Pakistan Occupied Jammu & Kashmir’s martyrs

People from all walks, including POJK refugees, participated in the rally. This event was named the Punyabhoomi Smaran Sabha.

Ukrainian soldier blows himself up to demolish a bridge to stop Russian tanks from advancing

Marine battalion engineer Vitaly Skakun Volodymyrovych blew himself up to destroy a bridge to stop Russian tanks

How Communist leader insulted the father of slain Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan because his ego was too big to handle the anguish of a grieving...

Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan made the supreme sacrifice while fighting the Pakistani terrorists during the 26/11 Mumbai attack

Remembering Bengal’s Pritilata Waddedar on her death anniversary, who chose to die at 21 than being caught by British

Through her example, Pritilata Waddedar sent out a message to the women of Bengal that they can march shoulder to shoulder with men in liberating the country from the British.

‘You are too pretty for this to have happened to you’: Biden had once said to the young widow of a martyr. Details

The family of the US marines killed in an ISKP suicide attack in Kabul have slammed Joe Biden for insensitive behaviour.

Lieutenant Kanika Rane: Two years after her husband immortalised himself fighting infiltrators at LOC, she pays this fitting tribute to him

The 29-year-old Major Rane was martyred during an operation in Kashmir in August 2018 with three other Indian soldiers — rifleman Hameer Singh, rifleman Mandeep Singh and Vikramjeet Singh.

Uttar Pradesh: CM Yogi Adityanath pays tribute to policemen on Police Commemoration Day

UP CM Yogi Adityanath expressed gratitude to all police personnel who were martyred in line of duty on Police Commemoration Day

On war footing: DRDO builds up 1,000 bed coronavirus facility in record 11 days

The DRDO has built up a 1,000 bed coronavirus facility in the national capital in 11 days only. The temporary structure also includes 250 ICU beds.

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