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MC Kode

Rapper MC Kode found from Madhya Pradesh, had gone ‘missing’ after posting cryptic message last week

Many of MC Kode's fans speculated his cryptic Instagram post was a suicide note and had called for a search and rescue operation for him.

Last location of rapper MC Kode traced to Noida, mother appeals missing son to return home

Blaming social media for her son’s disappearance, MC Kode's mother said, "He is a very sensitive boy, when the trolling episode did not stop even after several apologies, he went into darkness."

MC Kode’s mother lodges FIR in South Delhi police station alleging kidnapping after rapper goes missing

A complaint with regards to "kidnapping" has been filed by the mother of rapper MC Kode after he went missing.

Rapper MC Kode goes missing after cryptic Instagram post, viral image of his ‘dead body’ fake

A week after his old rap videos where he used filthy, abusive slurs against Hindus went viral, rapper MC Kode has posted a note in Instagram suggesting that he is contemplating suicide.

The MC Kode Saga: More abusive videos surface where he can be seen making rape remarks, attempts to whitewash ‘mistakes’ after fake apology

An Indian rapper earned a lot of notoriety over the past couple of days. He goes by the stage name of MC Kode.

Old video showing rapper MC Kode insulting Hinduism goes viral on social media

The video uploaded on YouTube on 12 June 2016 shows MC Kode or Aditya Tiwari insulting the Hindu epic Mahabharata and the cow

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