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There are way too many controversies related with The Quint. Does Bloomberg not care about its brand image?
The alarmists have raised the cry and indulged in fear mongering already
The question of corruption may be answered, but as mentioned earlier, is this ideological corruption or purely financial corruption?
Moreover, there will be no outrage in 'liberal' media or #NotInMyName campaigns for Ankit's brutal murder.
When it comes to deaths of Hindus, media shies away
Why let facts get in the way of an agenda?
Terribly researched sweeping generalisations used for a biased op-ed
State erupted into widespread riots following Vadgam MLA Jignesh Mevani's provocative speech
Half truths and debunked lies form the basis of their attack
Action may also be taken if the newspaper indulges in "anti national" activities.
As expected the RTI query was spun to provide this conclusion
Charlatans on the scene make a mess of serious analysis
Waiting for The Wire to improve their editorial standards.
How media played the cheerleader in building a fake news myth
How the 'fake news' about Dadri lynching accused getting government jobs spread.
Is the job of a journalist to give clarity or muddy the water?
Just a look at the numbers will tell you things are changing in Uttar Pradesh, for better.
Firstpost and IndiaSpend use dishonest headlines to push an agenda.
The left-leaning newspapers can't even support India because it hates Narendra Modi too much.
Is the website hypocritical in its approach?
Individuals followed by the PM are the latest target of bullies
Is being accused of rape less important than being followed by the prime minister?
The hatemonger masquerading as journalist justified his wish to see Narendra Modi dead.
Here the author examines the anatomy of a media hitjob
The court clarifies certain section of the media misquoted the observations.
An IPS officer calls out partial and misleading information about Haryana Police's lack of preparedness during Ram Rahim verdict.

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