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Media starts its usual trope to shield Islamists, talks about Hindus being saved by Muslims while they were under attack by a Muslim mob...

The Muslim family provided the Hindus also with some Muslim-looking clothes. The woman cop was given a burqa and the father-son duo were provided with some T-shirts which had Muslim symbols imprinted on them.

Licence of Kerala TV channel MediaOne revoked due to national security concerns flagged by Home Ministry: Centre to Kerala HC

The central govt informed Kerala HC that MediaOne news channel's license canceled due to MHA report against it

The Quint’s biased and wayward journalism may hurt Bloomberg’s global brand

There are way too many controversies related with The Quint. Does Bloomberg not care about its brand image?

Here is what the mainstream media not telling you about Dr. Kafeel Khan’s brother who was shot at

The alarmists have raised the cry and indulged in fear mongering already

Operation 136 : What the Cobrapost stings reveal and conceal

The question of corruption may be answered, but as mentioned earlier, is this ideological corruption or purely financial corruption?

Hindu boy killed for loving Muslim girl in Delhi, mainstream media can’t see religious motive

Moreover, there will be no outrage in 'liberal' media or #NotInMyName campaigns for Ankit's brutal murder.

Kasganj murder of Chandan Gupta exposes Indian media’s double standards

When it comes to deaths of Hindus, media shies away

Fact check: Did Amit Shah organise Judge Loya’s son’s press conference

Why let facts get in the way of an agenda?

Don’t worry NYT, our Economy is doing way better than your failing editorial standards

Terribly researched sweeping generalisations used for a biased op-ed

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