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Mohammed bin Salman

Saudi Arabia: Mohammad Bin Salman bans Iftar in mosques, prohibits Imams from collecting donations for Iftar ahead of Ramadan 2024

In addition to banning the collection of donations for Iftars, the Islamic Affairs Ministry of Saudi Arabia also imposed a ban on organising Iftar feasts inside the mosques raising concerns regarding cleanliness.

Sharia-ruled Saudi Arabia marks historic shift: Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman allows liquor sale in the kingdom after 72-year ban

The historic moment was marked with the opening of the first liquor store in Riyadh's Diplomatic Quarter, available exclusively to non-Muslim foreign diplomats.

Saudi Arabia turns down resolution to impose restrictions on Israel at Arab-Islamic summit. Here is what happened

Saudi Arabia along with Jordan, Egypt, Mauritania, Djibouti, Sudan, Morocco, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) blocked the controversial resolution.

Oil and Islam: What made Saudi Arabia course correct to become ‘moderate’, and why ‘old school’ Islamists in Indian subcontinent are upset with Crown...

The transformation of Saudi Arabia under the leadership of Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman is a profound shift from its conservative past to a more modern and economically diversified nation. This transformation, marked by social and economic reforms, has sparked both global attention and internal opposition

Terrorism remains one of the greatest threats to humanity: Saudi Arabia and India issue joint statement, to strengthen security cooperation

M Modi held official talks with the Crown Prince and reviewed means to deepen strategic relations between the two nations.

Is Saudi Crown Prince MBS good for the world? As the oil kingdom rises as a modern global power, here is what it means...

Overall be it in the geopolitical arena, investment opportunities, or growing religious tolerance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the MBS regime could turn out as a promising sign for India through which the roads of Middle Eastern power politics could be accessed better than ever.

Saudi Arabian cleric faces death charges for using social media platforms like Twitter and WhatsApp to share his views

Saudi Arabian cleric Awad Al-Qarni has been sentenced to death for using social media platforms to allegedly spread anti-govt news

Saudi Arabia seeks to strengthen ties with China even as persecution of Uyghur Muslims continues in the communist country

Amidst waning relations with the US, Saudi Arabia is cosying up to China with an increased focus on the teaching of Mandarin in the academic curriculum.

Saudi Arabia exempts Indian nationals from submitting police clearance certificates, cites strong relations with India

The Kingdom of Saudia Arabia has announced that Indian nationals will be made exempt from submitting a Police Clearance Certificate to obtain a visa. The kingdom has cited the strong strategic partnership between the two nations as the reason.

‘Our economic interests won’t be dictated by USA’: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia confirms that Joe Biden tried to postpone OPEC+ decision for oil cut

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has issued a strong statement clarifying that decisions by OPEC+ countries are not the decision by one member country and are based on the economic interests of all member nations.

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