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Pro-monarchy protests erupt in Nepal, police use water canons and tear gas; read how this demand emerged in the once-Hindu nation

The embrace of leftist principles has resulted in the erosion of Nepal's cultural heritage and traditional identity, the protestors believe.

When Queen Elizabeth II ruled over Pakistan for 4 years

Queen Elizabeth II's position as ruler of Pakistan remained small and uninteresting, as she deliberately avoided participating in the nation and its political activities, while her governor-general served best a cosmetic function.

Britain’s new monarch King Charles III has been a controversial figure: Here are some of the reasons

In her widely watched interview, Princess Diana had accused her husband Prince Charles of infidelity. Over the years, the image of the new British king has not been very popular.

British ‘empire’ to shrink further: After Barbados, more Caribbean countries plan to become republics amid rising anti-monarchy protests

After Barbados became a republic, it had domino effect in other Caribbean countries with demands to ditch the British monarchy

Spain: Former monarch Juan Carlos was given female hormones to curb his sex drive, reveals former cop

Former Spanish monarch Juan Carlos reportedly had sexual relations with over 5,000 women and was apparently a sex addict.

Thailand King’s ‘royal consort’, whose nudes were leaked recently, is now his second queen

The 68-year-old Thai King Maha Vajiralongkorn has reportedly anointed his 'royal consort', former bodyguard Sineenat as his second queen.

Nepal: Former Deputy PM demands all-party conference to reinstate Monarchy and declare the country a Hindu Rashtra

Former Deputy PM of Nepal, Kamal Thapa, has demanded an all party meeting to reinstate the Constitutional Monarchy.

‘King, please come back and save the country!’: Massive protests in Nepal demand the restoration of Hindu Monarchy

Hundreds and thousands of Royalists took to the streets of Nepal to demand the restoration of the Hindu Monarchy.

How Sikkim, once a different country like Nepal, became a state of India

The communist government in Nepal, alleged to be a 'puppet' of China, seems to be losing confidence of its own people

The Hindu history and heritage of Kerala: The land of the Chera kingdom associated with Lord Parashurama

Kerala as the land of Chera kingdom existed as early as 5-4th centuries BCE during the early Tamil Sangam age.

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