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Ricky Kej condemns Madras Music Academy chief’s response to Ranjani-Gayatri: N Ravikiran, Vishakha Hari, Trichur Brothers and many more speak up against TM Krishna 

Ricky Kej wrote, "I personally feel this letter is quite unbecoming of such a prestigious art institution Music Academy Madras."

Dangerous to overlook his glorification of EVR: Carnatic musicians Ranjani and Gayatri withdraw from Music Academy Conference under TM Krishna’s presidency

"It's dangerous to overlook Mr TM Krishna's glorification of a figure like EVR who 1. Openly proposed a genocide of 'brahmins' 2. Repeatedly called/abused every woman of this community with vile profanity 3. Relentlessly worked to normalize filthy language in social discourse," they posted on X.

Makers of the film ‘Pippa’ apologise after facing backlash over AR Rahman’s rendition of ‘Karar Oi Louho Kopat’

The makers of 'Pippa' said their rendition was a “sincere artistic interpretation” done after “securing necessary adaptation rights”.

Oscar-winner AR Rahman, who once criticised remix culture, receives flak for his rendition of Kazi Nazrul Islam’s ‘Karar Oi Louho Kopat’ in Pippa

Author Taslima Nasreen also pointed out that AR Rahman changed the music of the "Bengali legendary poet".

Music video based on Garba song penned by PM Narendra Modi released ahead of Navratri

A music video based on a Garba song penned by Prime Minister Narendra Modi was released on Saturday, ahead of Navratri festivities.

AR Rahman slaps Rs 10 crore defamation case after surgeons association accused him of not performing at an event despite taking payment

AR Rahman has sent a legal notice and demanded Rs 10 crore for defamation from Association of Surgeons of India

Oversold tickets, no crowd management, mass molestation: Music concert of AR Rahman turns into a nightmare. Here is what happened

Following the controversy, AR Rahman informed that refunds would be initiated for those who could not attend the event despite purchasing tickets.

BTS star Jeon Jungkook set to release his solo album in July

BTS’ management agency BIGHIT, however, has issued a statement and said that an announcement regarding the schedule of the release of Jungkook’s debut album will be made once it is confirmed. 

Delhi: Pregnant woman shot dead by neighbour for objecting to loud music, two arrested

According to the police, the woman was eight months pregnant and also suffered a miscarriage after the incident. 

Taliban shuts down women-run radio station for playing music during Ramzan in Afghanistan

Listening to music, during Ramzan or otherwise, is considered haram (prohibited) in Islam.

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