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Voting for the first phase of the Lok Sabha elections has begun today with people of 91 out of 543 seats will cast their votes to choose their representative in the parliament
Thromwa Konyak appears to be blatantly in violation of the Supreme Court verdict which outlawed election campaigns in the name of religion, caste, race, community or language. Only recently, the Election Commission had reiterated that the use of caste and religion is prohibited.
Nagaland parties oppose the Citizenship Amendment Bill
'Tourist Police' in Nagaland found handing out free copies of Bible to all the tourists entering the Hornbill festival
Pastor Pradhan has been charged for rape under the IPC and aggravated sexual assault under the Protection of Children from the Sexual Offences Act (POCSO) Act.
Helicopters have made several sorties from Gangtok and Sevoke evacuating around a hundred people, including a pregnant woman
Social media came together to restore our faith in humanity
BJP decided to immerse the ashes of the former PM Vajpayee, who passed away on 16th August, in 100 rivers across the country
The states do not want the problem faced in Assam due to illegal immigration to spill over into their states
The Archbishop has written that the current political atmosphere is turbulent and poses a threat to the secular fabric of our nation
Kejriwal plays his 'common man' card to woo Chhattisgarh voters
The architect of BJP's rise in North East India also highlighted the cultural differences between the two parties
Days of media negligence of North-East region by mainstream media seem to be ending
Northeast is set to tilt towards NDA on March 3
Is the party suffering from a lack of resources?
The ruling Naga People’s Front (NPF) and the Congress have not given tickets to women candidates
Nagaland Baptist Church Council wrote an open letter to all political parties
This news was shared by prominent members of the Congress party
The unverified information could have possibly led to widespread violent protests
The court has asked him to approach the National Minorities Commission
The Naga Accord will encourage various Left Wing Extremist groups of Chhattisgarh, Odisha, Bihar et. al. to leave the path of violence and join the mainstream.
Indian Army has not only given a befitting reply to militants by crushing them, but it has also given a strong message to all kinds of insurgents.

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