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Karnataka: Two women perform namaz next to judges’ podium, video viral

The Court has filed an FIR against the channel for airing the video of women offering namaz next to judges' podium.

Over 1200 people turn up for Namaz at Gyanvapi, enter through the gate of Kashi Vishwanath Temple, police on alert

Now that Shivling has been reportedly discovered inside Gyanvapi Mosque, a large number of people came to offer Namaz on Friday.

Gyanvapi survey: Shivling found after draining out ‘Wuzukhana’, people wash their hands and feet in it before offering namaz

Shivling is reportedly found inside the Wuzukhana, a place where people wash their hands and feet before offering namaz.

Madhya Pradesh High Court admits petition seeking stay on Namaz, allowed by ASI, in Bhojshala Temple complex: Read full details

Madhya Pradesh High Court admitted a petition seeking a stay on the offering of Namaz by Muslims in the complex of the Bhojshala monument

Arfa Khanum claims Islam permits Muslim women to enter mosques to offer Namaz, gets called out for ‘misinformation’ by fellow Muslims

Calling the netizens 'low IQ Sanghis', Arfa Khanum Sherwani claimed that Muslim women could go inside the Masjid, break their fast and offer namaz there.

UP: Muslim mob blocks road, chant Allahu-Akbar after Alvida Juma in Saharanpur over Namaz not allowed on road, police blames media

Muslim youths protested against not allowing namaz on roads after Alvida Juma at Jama Masjid in Saharapur

Yogi govt disallows Namaz on roads of Uttar Pradesh on Alvida Juma, clerics appeal to Muslim to limit themselves to mosques

Uttar Pradesh govt directed authorities to ensure that Alvida namaz is only offered at mosques and not on roads or public places

After sending an MP and MLA to jail, MVA props NCP leader Fahmida Hasan Khan to ‘chant prayers of every religion’ outside PM residence

"If Hindutva, Jainism elevates for country's benefit to reduce inflation, unemployment, starvation, I'd like to do it," NCP leader Fahmida Khan said while talking to the media.

Agra: Hindu groups object to Namaz held on the roads outside Imli Wali Masjid, cite traffic issues and business loss

Hindu activists objected to Namaz being offered outside Imli Wali Masjid in Agra.

Video of Namaz being offered inside Statue of Unity goes viral: Details

Namaz inside the Statue of Unity has irked citizens on social media who are demanding ban on religious offerings at public spaces.

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