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‘Today everybody is scared in India’ is the new ghost that everybody has heard about but nobody has seen

Just like people talk about ghosts that someone had seen decades ago, people say everyone in India are scared even though they are not experiencing it

Modi administration prepares to combat prejudiced media narratives by the global Left: Report

The Modi government is gearing up to combat prejudiced media narratives as 2024 general elections approach closer.

Pakistan using Karnataka hijab row to spread misinformation and communal divide, created hundreds of fake Twitter accounts to push anti-India propaganda

Hundreds of fake Twitter accounts with the the name Muskan Khan was created in Pakistan to incite the hijab row

Former VP Hamid Ansari, Swara Bhasker invited to an event co-hosted by Jamaat-e-Islami linked IAMC, which had lobbied to get India blacklisted

Hamid Ansari, Swara Bhaskar, Archbishop Peter Machado & others participating in an event co-hosted by US-based anti-India groups

The phantom of colonialism: Unearthing ‘Discovery’

How are we truly independent if we let our children learn history written by invaders with their own narrative?

School textbooks: Tools of knowledge or weapons of cultural genocide?

Narratives are not the truth; rather they nudge you to understand the truth in a particular way. They are never neutral or innocent; they are always strategic.

The stand-off with Twitter is not about politics, it’s about a ‘messiah syndrome’: Read what it is

It is not BJP vs Congress fight. The Twitter battle belongs to an altogether different war, especially in India, with 'woke' support

Rajdeep Sardesai comes as knight in shining armour for anyone who needs a platform to clarify after goofing up

Rajdeep Sardesai, often fondly referred to as Michelangelo for his expertise in the art of hypocrisy, also doubles up as cleaning agent.

Despite Times Now predicting AAP winning Delhi, this is how they can still lose the elections

5 reasons why AAP might not be in as comfortable a position as they appear in opinion polls.

62 celebrities write an open letter to point out hypocrisy of the ‘achievers’ who wrote an open letter on ‘rising intolerance’

The celebrities assert that they are confident that India shall continue to develop and progress without paying heed to the ones with those who want to destabilise the country.

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