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NATO shares image of Ukrainian soldier wearing Nazi insignia; deletes it later

The official Twitter account of NATO shared a picture of a Ukrainian woman soldier with a Nazi insignia emblazoned on her uniform

Ukraine National Guard shares video of neo-Nazi unit greasing bullets with pig fat for use against Muslim Chechen fighters, Twitter allows it

Muslim Chechen fighters under Ramzan Kadyrov have been deployed in Ukraine by Russia. A neo-Nazi unit under the Ukrainian National Guard is boasting how they have bullets dipped in pig fat to use against them.

The Roman Protasevic saga: How the USA and western govts are supporting neo-Nazis to score foreign policy goals against Russia

Roman Protasevich was arrested soon after and his arrest was condemned as an attempt to silence dissidents.

Hindu Council of Australia slams NSW Senator David Shoebridge who called RSS and VHP ‘Neo Nazis’: Details

Hindu Council of Australia demanded evidence in support of allegations made by senator David Shoebridge

US: Liberals outrage over supposed ‘Nazi symbol’ at CPAC ahead of Donald Trump’s address, Jewish conservatives rubbish allegations

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is the largest gathering of conservative leaders and activists in the United States.

‘Angrezi jeb me rakho’, JNU PhD scholar’s definition of ‘concentration camp’

When countered by questions asking her to substantiate her claims, Shehla responded with rhetorics

The Swastika in Charlottesville: the symbol needs to be reclaimed from Nazis

This article elaborates upon the Indic perspective regarding the 'Swastika Controversy' in the Western world.

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