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Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar says media agency offered her ‘award’ for money, turns out the practice is not too uncommon

Rigging awards is a fairly common practice, be it media, politics or Bollywood.

Chhattisgarh: Congress govt to bring a bill to acquire private medical college owned by family of CM Baghel’s son-in-law

Baghel, however, took to Twitter to dismiss the claims and said the move is to safeguard the future of the medical students of the college.

Raihan Rajiv Vadra and ‘Dark Perception’ photography exhibition: How privilege trumps talent

Raihan Rajiv Vadra may or may not be a talented photographer, but it is definitely his privilege that allows him to hold an exhibition in prime property in Delhi owned by a state government ruled by a party his mother is leader of.

Bollywood and nepotism: Remnants of a Clubhouse rant

Bollywood and nepotism: Is the content really bad and people have learnt to love it? Or is the industry meeting the audience demand perfectly?

Kerala Lokayukta finds Education Minister KT Jaleel guilty of nepotism and abuse of power, asks CM Pinarayi Vijayan to take action: What had happened

Minister of Higher Education and Minority Affairs KT Jaleel was found guilty of tweaking qualifications to favour his relative

“Not forgetting this communication until death”: Chef turned filmmaker Vikas Khanna reveals how he was asked to pay for favourable reviews of his movie

Vikas Khanna stated that critics had asked him to pay 3 lacs for 3 star-rating and 4 lacks for 4 star-rating of his movie 'The Last Colour'

Not just nepotism: How KRK’s Desh Drohi is better than Alia Bhatt’s Sadak 2 and Bollywood roundup for 2020

More people find KRK's Desh Drohi which is nothing short of cringe fest, more tolerable than Sadak 2.

Producer Guild of India issues open letter, says Sushant’s death being used as a ‘tool’ to defame the film industry

The Producer Guild of India said that the slandering must stop as it is painting the film industry as a terrible place

Mahesh Bhatt plants a paid article praising himself after finding himself at the centre of nepotism debate in Bollywood

To counter allegations of nepotism, Mahesh Bhatt plants paid article praising himself saying he gave opportunity to many newcomers

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