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New Zealand v Pakistan

‘We support Pakistan…This is a Muslim area’: Old video of Goa residents supporting Pakistan cricket team goes viral

"Interesting that they are cheering for Pakistan in India in the bazaar in Goa against New Zealand," Davud Akhundzada added.

PTV withdraws case against Shoaib Akhtar after sending PKR 100 million defamation notice following a public spectacle

Earlier, the PTV had accused Shoaib Akhtar of wrongdoing and causing huge financial loss to the company.

Post the viral confrontation and Shoaib Akhtar ‘quitting’ the channel, PTV initiates inquiry, takes Akhtar and host Nauman Niaz off-air

The confrontation between Dr Niaz and Akhtar took place during the post-match analysis of the Pakistan Vs New Zealand match

Shoaib Akhtar removes mic mid show, ‘quits’ PTV on air after host cuts him off a few times, calls him ‘rude’, watch

Shoaib Akhtar spats with Nauman Niaz, PTV host after Pakistan v New Zealand T20 World Cup match, loses his cool and 'quits' the show on air

History repeats itself: When New Zealand cancelled its tour of Pakistan in 2002 after a bomb blast

In 2002, a massive explosion took place inside a bus that was parked outside the hotel of the New Zealand team in Karachi.

‘Very embarrassing, I can’t take it’: Former Pakistani pacer Shoaib Akhtar loses his mind as New Zealand cricket team cancels tour

Shoaib Akhtar seems extrmely enraged and disappointed at the abrupt departure of the New Zealand team from Pakistan.

‘Puppet of US, BCCI’, ‘You are not men’: Pakistani cricket fans blame India after New Zealand cancels cricket series in Pakistan

Pakistani cricket lovers have decided to blame India after the New Zealand cricket team abandoned the series.

New Zealand abandons cricket series in Pakistan citing security concerns even after Imran Khan told their PM they have the ‘best intelligence system’

Despite Pakistan claims of 'full proof security,' New Zealand team decided against taking any chances and abandoned cricket series.

Amidst warnings from New Zealand cricket board for violating isolation protocol, 7th Pakistani cricketer diagnosed with Coronavirus

The Pakistani cricketers have been confined to a hotel in Christchurch and the team been barred from further training.

Six Pakistani cricketers test positive for Coronavirus in New Zealand, NZ authorities say they breached isolation protocols

New Zealand Cricket has revealed that few members of the Pakistan party breached the protocols on the first day of managed isolation.

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