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Bihar: Goddess Bhagavati Temple in Araria vandalised and deities damaged, ‘XXX’ scrawled on the temple wall and mutton reportedly cooked within premises

The Maa Bhagavati temple in Bihar was vandalized prior to "Navratri." A case has been filed and a probe is launched.

Jain passenger served chicken in vegetarian meal onboard Air India flight, airline tells her to delete post raising the complaint

Air India wrote, “Dear Ms. Jain, we request you to remove the information given in the open tweet, so that no one can misuse it and direct message your complaint with PNR.”

Prayagraj: Hassan and Faizan consume Hookah and non-veg food on boat in Ganga near Nagvasuki temple, police on the lookout after video goes viral

The Prayagraj police have sprung into action after a video went viral on social media wherein a group of men could be seen consuming hookah and non-vegetarian food on a boat in the river Ganga

Relentless hate is unleashed upon us Gujaratis just because Prime Minister they don’t like is one of us

If 'Sanghis' were bad, Gujarati 'Sanghis' are even worse. They gave Modi to the world.

Rajkot: Man killed over non-veg food waste disposal, accused Aslam, Gulam and three others arrested

The decedent, Chagan Zapda, was killed after a brawl with the owners of a non-veg food joint over improper waste disposal

London Michelin-starred chef was using chicken cubes in veg meals, reveals employee dismissed for alerting his bosses

The allegations against Karunesh Khanna emerged after his assistant manager Mafis Ali filed an employment tribunal case against the chef.

Vegetarian food cooked in oil used for non-veg dishes say students, AMU denies charges

On November 26, ‘chicken fry’ was prepared at SS North Hostel and same oil had been allegedly used to prepare ‘Poori’ hurting sentiments of vegetarian students. 

ABVP accuses several media outlets of being party to ‘dirty tricks’ by ‘rattled commies’

The headlines of the reports regarding the posters failed to reflect ABVP's clarification on the matter.

Media reports hype a notice issued by IIT Bombay for safety and health reasons

Yet another manufactured controversy around the premier institute by the media.

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