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Palestine attacks Israel

Pro-Palestine protestors assault police officials, damage security fences outside White House

Pro-Palestine demonstrators in the United States capital brandished signs challenging President Joe Biden's viability as a presidential candidate due to his sturdy backing for Israel in the over 100-day conflict against Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.

‘Hamas attackers laughed as they raped and killed Israeli woman on October 7’: Eyewitness narrates the tale of Hamas’s horror

"I ran in the open field, and I was very close to some girl. When I passed her, I heard that she fell on the ground. I looked back and I saw that she got shot in the head. I looked at the girl, but I couldn’t help her so I kept running away until I got to the bush,” he recalled.

‘Follow Jews to their homes and slit their throats’: Cornell University student issues death threats against Jews, arrested

Patrick Dai, a Cornell University students, called for following Jewish persons to their homes and slit their throats.

‘Indians who follow Lord Krishna, Geeta, Upanishads should raise voices against Islamists’: Son of Hamas founder praises Hindus for condemning Hamas

"Those who understand Krishna and Geeta and Upanishads need to gear up and show this minority in the world that Islamists are not acceptable," Mosab Hassan Yousef said.

Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar, who beheaded a person using a bathroom sink, hides under Al-Shifa hospital, reveals ‘Son of Hamas’

Yousef, the son of Hamas co-founder Sheikh Hassan Yousef, said Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar is hiding under Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza.

‘No votes if no ceasefire in Gaza’: Muslim Americans proceed to blackmail Biden ahead of 2024 Presidential elections

Muslim leaders signed an ultimatum, pledging to organise Muslim voters to "withhold endorsement, support, or votes for any candidate who endorses the Israeli offensive against the Palestinian people."

Pro-Palestine mobilisation in Maharashtra: 2 protests in Mumbra, 200 booked, minor children made to act like dead bodies in Aurangabad

The protests in Mumbra were illegally organised so the police had booked around 200 persons in the case. Police said that the protesters defied police orders against the gathering.

Islamists claim freed Israeli hostage was treated well by Hamas but here is what she said narrating her harrowing tale at the hands of...

Several Islamists and media houses painted the terrorists as 'generous' for providing the released hostages with tea and cookies. However, one of the released women talked to the media and said that she was assaulted and that she had to see hell on this Earth due to Hamas terrorists.

Israeli guest gets upset after Indian anchor wears saree with colors of Palestine flag, Netizens divided: Misplaced symbolism or just her grandma’s saree?

"And I can see the colors that you are wearing this evening and that's why I am purposely wearing blue and white, the Israeli official said.

School of Art Institute Chicago ‘transsexual’ professor calls Jews ‘pigs’ and ‘excrement’, apologises after backlash, says she is learning how to ‘better’

Dr. Mika used harsh words for Israelis blaming them for the ongoing tensions between Israel and Palestine. "Israelis are pigs. Savages. Very very bad people. Irredeemable excrement. The propaganda has been downright evil," 'she' said.

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