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‘Hamas attackers laughed as they raped and killed Israeli woman on October 7’: Eyewitness narrates the tale of Hamas’s horror

In an interview with CNN, one of the hostages, identified as Raz Cohen, recalled the sequence of events leading up to Hamas's October 7, 2023 attack

Months have passed since the horrific massacre of Israeli civilians by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas on 7th October 2023. However, the chilling tales of the horror unleashed by the Hamas terrorists on Israelis, especially women continue to emerge.

In an interview with CNN, one of the hostages, identified as Raz Cohen, recalled the sequence of events leading up to Hamas’s October 7, 2023 attack. Five men emerged from a van and surrounded a woman, ripping her clothes off as they encircled her. One of them raped her and then murdered her with a knife. The Hamas terrorist raped her again, Cohen said in an interview with CNN. He claimed that the other men around the victim did not appear to be angry.

He narrated how a white van pulled up about 30 meters from his hiding spot and five men in civilian clothes got out. “They catch a girl and they started to pull her clothes off. After they pulled the clothes off, one of them started to rape her. It was something like 40 seconds. After he raped her, he take a knife and kill her, murder her. After he did it, he continued to rape the dead body. They always laugh. I think it was for fun. They murdered a lot of people for fun,” Cohen said.

Cohen had gone to the Nova music festival in southern Israel to see his girlfriend Maya when Hamas terrorists carried out one of Israel’s bloodiest attacks, killing over 1,200 people. He went on to say that after raping and murdering the woman, the group went after another man and woman and stabbed them with knives and an axe.

Cohen also claimed that in an attempt to save his life, he ran across the open desert, feeling trapped on a firing range with nowhere to hide and bullets coming from the left, right, and behind him.

“I ran in the open field, and I was very close to some girl. When I passed her, I heard that she fell on the ground. I looked back and I saw that she got shot in the head. I looked at the girl, but I couldn’t help her so I kept running away until I got to the bush,” he recalled.

A combat paramedic told CNN that he saw the bodies of two teenage girls in Kibbutz Be’eri and was certain at least one of them had been raped.

“Her pants are pulled down toward her knees and there’s a bullet wound on the back side of her neck near her head,” he recounted. “There’s a puddle of blood around her head and there’s remains of semen on the lower part of her back,” the combat paramedic said.

The need to form a Civil Commission on October 7th Crimes by Hamas Women to document cases of using sexual violence as a weapon against Israel demonstrates the scale of Hamas’s crimes against Israeli women. Israeli authorities collected over 60,000 video clips and over 1,000 statements about the assault, including accounts from witnesses who claimed to have seen women raped.

The horrific humiliation suffered by Shani Louk, a 22-year-old German-Israeli citizen, exemplifies Hamas terrorists’ hatred for non-Muslims, particularly Jews. She was abducted and taken to Gaza, where she was paraded naked with Hamas terrorists shouting “Allahu Akbar” during Hamas’ 7th October terror attack. She was later found dead in Gaza. Another incident occurred when a Hamas terrorist dragged 19-year-old Israeli soldier Na’ama Levy from the back of a jeep, her hands bound behind her back and copious blood spots between her legs, while Palestinian men mocked her.

Even after committing such horrific crimes, Hamas enjoys the support of Islamists and delusional liberals including lawmakers in various countries. Other than this, Pallywood actors are also operating relentlessly to garner sympathy for Palestine and fueling hatred against Israel for retaliating against Hamas.

In November last year, Israel released a document that showed that the Hamas terrorists had systematically planned to rape the Israeli women. The document contained an Arabic-Hebrew glossary with sexual terminology including “take your pants off”.

After much effort at evading an unequivocal condemnation of Hamas’s crimes against women, the United Nations finally on December 1 last year issued a statement denouncing Hamas’s crimes. “We unequivocally condemn the brutal attacks by Hamas on Israel on 7 October. We are alarmed by the numerous accounts of gender-based atrocities and sexual violence during those attacks,” the UN Women statement reads.

The widespread outrage over the UN body’s refusal to condemn rape and killings of Israeli women did compel it to issue a statement denouncing the same. However, the website highlights its efforts to gather funds “to protect and support women and their families in the Gaza crisis.” On their homepage, there is no mention of Israeli women, however, “the conflict in Gaza” and donation appeal for Palestinian women show up.

UN Women’s donation appeal for Palestinian women and families in Gaza (Source: UN Women website)

“UN Women has been supporting Palestinian women since 1997 to achieve their social, economic, and political rights. We remain present on the ground to provide support and assistance and will do so for as long as it takes,” the UN body’s “Gaza Crisis Appeal reads. Ironically, UN has always been there for Palestinian women since 1997, however, it took them more than a month to ‘realise’ that the brutal rape and killings of Israeli women warrant unequivocal condemnation.

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