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We believe in empowering each Bharatiya so that Bharatiyata in them blooms like the lotus of BJP.
Israel and India are sisters from different Mothers
The same had happened last year when many Madrasas refused to sing the national anthem
Many on social media have already shared this malicious video
While our best film-makers remain busy filming eulogies for convicted criminals, the Indian right-wing awaits its own Clint Eastwood
It would be a pity if we are fooled by our political leadership into forgetting our great hero, our Lokmanya.
This is not the first time national symbols have been disrespected
The Mosque has also been instructed to promote patriotism
Celebration of famous win for India's blind sportsmen, is labelled as Jingoism
The Yogi government seems to be embarking on a plan to modernise the madrasas
The event featured various eminent dignitaries and a Tiranga march
The mainstream media will not air my views. Nationalism is a bad word now?
Left wing intellectuals are abusing Sakshi and Sindhu because they made India proud
Scared students want to go home and come back to a campus that has been shifted to a safe city.
Those who call themselves “liberal” showed intolerance to alternate ideologies on Martyr’s Day.
Did Ansari deliberately not salute the Indian national flag owing to his religious beliefs? Find out the truth of the matter.

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