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The Print rekindles fake news about Periyar, calls him ‘South Indian Socrates” which Dravidians falsely claim was a title conferred by UNESCO

Similarly, in February 2021, another such lie glorifying Periyar was busted. Dravidian followers claimed that Periyar was conferred with the Tamrapatra award for his contribution to the Indian freedom movement.

DMK supporter uses casteist slurs to attack singer Sivasri Skandaprasad over her old video where she promotes Indian clothing

Dr Aravind Raja, a Dravidianist and a die-hard supporter of the ruling DMK party in Tamil Nadu, took to X to target singer Sivasri Skandaprasad for promoting Indian clothing

Plaques of ‘those who believe in God are idiots’, EVR statues to be removed from outside Temples in TN, HR&CE to go: Annamalai’s powerful...

In a direct dare to Dravidian politics in Tamil Nadu, firebrand President of Tamil Nadu BJP K Annamalai has said that the statue of EV Ramasamy Naicker (EVR), also known by the epithet 'Periyar', outside the Srirangam Ranganathar Temple and all other temples would be removed

Periyar is a criminal, should be put in lunatic asylum: Read what Jawaharlal Nehru said about DMK’s revered political icon Periyar

The Dravida Kazagham, under Periyar's leadership, had called for the killing of Brahmins and the destruction of their residential properties on November 3, 1957.

Netizens express shock as media reports suggest Justice Joseph smiled at calls for genocide of Brahmins

Supreme Court on Wednesday was hearing a contempt plea regarding alleged hate speech made against Muslims in Maharashtra when the argument took place.

Tamil Nadu: TPDK workers protest against alleged Brahmin, North Indian dominance in public sector jobs

A TDPK worker claimed that the demonstration has no relation to the ongoing migrant crisis in the State.

Understanding the anti-Hindi rhetoric of Tamil politics: how it started, and why it sells

When political leaders have no foundations to stand on and no work to show after years in power, they latch on to hatred and divisiveness, diverting attention from their failures and shedding accountability by giving the masses a common enemy to direct their frustrations at.

How Ambedkar, Communists, Periyar, and Muslim League opposed the Quit India movement and Gandhi

Periyar and Dr BR Ambedkar, whose ideology aligned with the Congress, were deeply critical of Gandhi.

Which one is ‘lower caste’ in Tamil Nadu: Periyar University asks controversial question to students in exam

MA first year history paper in Periyar University asked students to identity the 'lower caste' from four communities

DMK MP A Raja emboldens Rahul Gandhi’s concept of ‘union of states,’ threatens to revive the ‘Separate Tamil Nadu’ movement

A Raja is the Member of Parliament for the Nilgiris electorate and the DMK's deputy general secretary.

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