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Mohammad Khan has two wives, the first has three children, with the youngest being just 10 days old.
Owaisi asked the government to not 'interfere in Muslim Personal Law'
A case of sedition is also filed against the cleric and two other persons
Following the violence, he was taken into custody by the police.
A brief look at the history of the case, and the major arguments made in the Supreme Court by both sides.
One of the clerics claimed that normally women are responsible for the talaq
There are inconsistencies in media reports about the welcome incident that reportedly happened in Uttar Pradesh.
What actually prompted the constitution of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board
The Shahi Imam further said that his post as Imam was far more important than any minister's post.
In another case, a man gave triple talaq to three different wives. Both cases are from Uttar Pradesh.
Local Maulvi claims that the only way the two can reconcile is via Nikah Halala
Or was he targeted because he found out a wily campaign by the AIMPLB to retain the triple talaq practice?
Uniform Civil Code takes away the rights of religious bodies, but not of religious people.
The laws and practices of India show that "secularism" followed in India is a farce.

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