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Uttarakhand Cabinet approves decisions taken by the Uniform Civil Code draft committee so far

The Uttarakhand Cabinet has approved the decisions taken so far by the five-member panel formed to prepare a draft for the Uniform Civil Code (UCC)

Law Commission extends deadline to submit views on Uniform Civil Code by two weeks due to ‘overwhelming response’ from public

Law Commission of India has extended the last date to submit views on ideas on the proposed Uniform Civil Code by two more weeks.

Law Commission seeks views on Uniform Civil Code from public and religious organizations, to be submitted within 30 days

The Law Commission of India has solicited the views and ideas of the public and recognised religious organizations to examine the Uniform Civil Code

‘Don’t make changes in Muslim Personal Law, Sharia has to be obeyed’: General secretary of Muslim League’s women’s wing

The IUWL leader stated in a memorandum to Deputy Secretary Goutam Kumar attached to the Rajya Sabha Secretariat that Muslim personal law was promulgated and maintained to allow Muslims to follow the teachings of the Quran.

‘Different personal laws hamper national unity’: Centre files its first affidavit on Uniform Civil Code in SC

Arguing in favour of Uniform Civil Code, the Centre said different personal laws hampered national unity.

‘UCC will be presented as biggest project of minority victimhood, Hindus will be pushed towards a compromise’: Adv J Sai Deepak on Hijab row

Sai Deepak explains how Indian state has consistently been anti-Hindu when it comes to interference with Hindu customs

Punjab and Haryana HC cites Sharia again: Says marriage of minor Muslim girl is legal because she has ‘attained puberty’

The High Court cited the Muslim personal law and held the marriage of the 17-year old girl with 36-year old man valid.

Indian law never defined “marriage”: Here is why govt needs to be involved in inter-faith “marriage”

A number of very different legal institutions are grouped under the loose word “marriage.” Naturally therefore, the government has to step in and make rules about how to move between these very different institutions.

Marriage between first cousins per se illegal under the Hindu Marriage Act, observes Punjab and Haryana High Court

The high court was hearing a anticipatory bail plea by a man living in live-in relation with a minor girl, both are first cousins

UAE introduces major legal reforms including improved judicial procedure, legalisation of alcohol consumption and cohabitation by unmarried couples

From Live-in relations to alcohol consumption without licence, UAE introduces several reforms in its legal system

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