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Odisha: Kashmiri fraudster posing as PMO official from Jaipur arrested by STF

Sayed Ishaan Bukhari, the Kashmiri fraudster, was impersonating a Neuro Specialist Doctor, an Army Doctor, an officer in PMO, as per Odisha STF.

Your speech was scheduled, your office said you will not be able to join: PMO replies to CM Ashok Gehlot’s charges of ‘removing his...

The Chief Minister of Rajasthan claimed that he could only extend his welcome to the Prime Minister through Twitter as the PMO had cancelled his speech at the event.

PM Modi bears his own medical expenses, no government money is spent on it: RTI

A response to RTI filed by Pune-based activist Praffull Sarda revealed that PM Modi bears his own medical expenses.

Did Manmohan Singh violate the Official Secrets Act? Here is what Sanjaya Baru said after controversy over Tavleen Singh’s remarks

After Sanjaya Baru said that he never claimed that Manmohan Singh violated Official Secrets Act, Tavleen Singh conceded she was wrong to claim the same

Gujarat: Read how 10 pass Vadodara man Selvin Paul Parmar trapped and lured Hindu girl to marry and inflicted torture on her, forced her...

The girl's family has also alleged that the SHE team police official, one Noel Solanki, demanded bribe from them for the case.

Imran Khan and his wife face shame for retaining, selling expensive gifts that belonged in Toshakhana: PM Modi had been auctioning his gifts for...

During an event in April 2018, PM Modi revealed that he auctioned all valuables, received during his tenure as Guj CM, to fund girl child education.

Furniture maker Kunal Merchant refuses to clarify if he was scammed or he fabricated the PMO email, starts to block people

Kunal Merchant has not issued any statement after Delhi police started to probe the forged email from PMO that he received

Designer refuses to build a table for PMO because of ‘atrocities against Muslims’: How he may have virtue signalled to an imposter

Delhi Police said they have received a complaint of forgery, impersonation after designer Kunal Merchant said he rejected an offer given to him by PMO

RTI reply reveals that Arvind Kejriwal sought central govt help in fight against Covid for the first time in April 2021

While Delhi govt is alleging no help from central govt in fight against Covid, Arvind Kejriwal wrote to centre first time only in April 2021

Rajiv Gandhi’s vanity project: How the PMO was renovated and beautified months after the Bhopal Gas tragedy

In 1985, months after the Bhopal Gas Tragedy, Rajiv Gandhi commissioned and authorised a capital-intensive beautification and renovation project for the PMO.

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