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When confronted, the Imam claimed that the minor was his 'wife'.
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As per reports, Kerala Police Chief has also sought an explanation from Chaithra for the raids conducted.
The accused have also been charged under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act as the girl is a minor
In the wake of ongoing #Metoo movement, many victims have come out with their experiences of sexual abuse incidents.
The victim has stated that her poor background made her an ideal profile for predators in the Church.
State government shelter homes run by Brijesh Thakur's NGO was functioning as a brothel, 34 underage girls were raped
Mother of the victim followed Khan while he was taking the girl, caught him red-handed and handed over to police
Section 19 of the POCSO Act mandates that the information should be passed either to the Special Juvenile Police Unit or the Local police.
Earlier, villagers had also claimed to have been tortured by JK Police crime department under the pretext of questioning.
A businessman with the help of minor child's mother, sexually abused a 10-year old child in Kerala.
The biased op-ed by Nicholas Kristof has completely ignored the facts and ground reports on the Kathua case
The victim was brutally raped, strangulated and her head was smashed in an attempt to kill.
If scoring self goals was an Olympic sport, Congress would have won gold
He threatened the girl with dire consequences if she told anyone about it

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