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Love Jihad in Uttar Pradesh: Naved traps Dalit girl by posing as Hindu and rapes her, poisons her to death for refusing to convert...

In Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh a Dalit woman, identified as Seema Gautam, was trapped in a love affair, raped, forcefully converted to Islam and later poisoned to death by partner Naved and his aides

Delhi: Another case of dextromethorphan poisoning reported, toddler falls ill after being administered with cough syrup at a mohalla clinic

A toddler suffered from dextromethorphan poisoning after he was given a cough syrup at a mohalla clinic in Delhi

Surat: Girl dies in a coffee shop, parents say absconding ‘friend’ Zahir Ahmed had posed as a Hindu to approach her

The parents of the 21-year-old Hindu girl, who died after falling unconscious in a coffee shop in Surat, have accused her 'friend' Zahir Ahmed of poisoning her.

Egypt: Heavy thunderstorms bring deadly scorpions, 500 persons stung, 3 dead

Scorpions in Egypt have stung three people to death while injuring more than 500 people according to reports.

‘Lord Shiva had swallowed the entire universe’: Janeu-Dhari Rahul Gandhi misquotes Hindu scriptures after saying he has read the Upanishads

Rahul Gandhi said that like Shiva had swallowed the universe, once crystallised, Congress ideology will swallow BJP ideology

Shocking video shows women teachers fainting after consuming poison in Mamata’s West Bengal

Bhagirath Ghosh, joint convenor of the Parsha Sikshak Oikyo Mancha said that the state government is using 'Talibani tactics' to control the agitation and demanded immediate intervention.

Uttar Pradesh: Anurag Pandey thrashed, poisoned to death by Nasir and 3 others over an old dispute

Anurag Pandey died after he was thrashed and force-fed poison by Nasir, Saddam, Shadab and Akhtar in Domariaganj in Uttar Pradesh

Tihar: Cops foil rapist Shahid’s plan to kill 2 Delhi riots accused through mercury poisoning, was inspired by ISIS

Delhi police nabbed two accused following a month-long internal investigation for conspiring to kill two Tihar jail inmates.

Subhas Chandra Bose was suspected of being ‘poisoned’ after ouster from the post of Congress president: Author of book on Netaji

Author Anuj Dhar stirred up a controversy regarding Netaji Shubhash Chandra Bose on social media on Saturday.

ISRO scientist Tapan Mishra demands the culprits who poisoned him to be caught and punished, hints at involvement of espionage agency

ISRO scientist Tapan Mishra had revealed in a Facebook post that he was poisoned with Arsenic Trioxide in May 2017

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