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Pakistan: Police truck accompanying Polio vaccination team blown up in Balochistan’s Quetta, several dead

As per reports the police constabulary truck was on Polio duty and was there for the security of a team of Polio vaccinators. A woman and a child are reportedly among the dead too. A police sub-inspector named Ibrahim is also among the deceased persons.

Two policemen guarding polio vaccinators shot dead in Pakistan; the country remains one of the last hurdles to eradication of polio

Team of polio vaccinators emerged unharmed from the attack but this is yet another setback to the polio vaccination drive in Pakistan

8 polio workers including 4 women killed in Afghanistan, UN issues statement: Details

Pakistan and Afghanistan are the only 2 countries where polio hasn't yet been eradicated.

From Children’s Day to Vaccination Day: Here’s how India under PM Modi transitioned from glorifying politicians to prioritising the sanctity of human life

India on September 17, 2021, achieved a stunning feat of administering more than 2 crore COVID-19 vaccine doses in a single day

Pakistan: Three attacks in two days on polio vaccination team kills two cops, injures another

Pakistani radical fundamentalists and militants often target polio vaccination drives as they believe it is 'western conspiracy to sterilise children'.

86 lakh vaccinations: Why BJP had the most perfect day yesterday

Rahul Gandhi has done the BJP a favour, as usual when it comes to criticising the recordbreaking number of COVID vaccination.

Ravish Kumar appears massively frustrated as India administers 85 lakh COVID vaccines in single day, this is why he does not make sense

Ravish Kumar goes on a ranting spree to hate on PM Modi by camouflaging propaganda as 'criticism' over COVID-19 vaccination

Maharashtra: Children administered hand sanitizer drops instead of oral polio vaccine

The healthcare workers reportedly administered two drops of hand sanitizer to the children instead of oral polio vaccine.

Congress mouthpiece columnist speaks the language of Pulwama terrorist, makes cow urine jibe on polio vaccine

Sanjukta Basu was responding to Union Minister Dr Harshvardhan's comment regarding how India eradicated polio through vaccination

How the opposition to the polio vaccine by Islamic fundamentalists undermined the world’s effort to curb the deadly disease

It is not just the Chinese Virus that has received a boost due to their conduct. Over the years, even immunization to polio through the polio vaccine has been undermined due to the rabid opposition of Islamic fundamentalists to it.

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