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Healthcare and vaccination to be hit as manufacturer of two-thirds of syringes in India shuts down plants on Haryana Pollution Control Board order

Hindustan Syringes and Medical Devices Ltd which makes 66% of syringes in India shuts down plants in Faridabad

Arvind Kejriwal govt shuts schools for a week so that children don’t have to breathe polluted air, govt offices to work from home

Delhi pollution: Arvind Kejriwal govt orders that schools will be shut for a week, govt offices to work from home, no construction activities

Now #ScientistKejriwal trends, about two years after Twitter had discovered #ScientistSisodia

Netizens today took to Twitter to trend #ScientistKejriwal after the parody government of national capital territory led by Arvind Kejriwal came up with surreal ways to battle the toxic foam in Yamuna.

Delhi pollution: Why fight it, why not embrace it? Like we have embraced Arvind Kejriwal

Delhi people are stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea when it comes to pollution of all flavours.

Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai alleges that BJP instigated people to burst firecrackers on Diwali to cause pollution

Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai said that some people in Delhi burst firecrackers on purpose, and BJP was behind this

Share of stubble burning in Delhi air pollution may go up from 8% to 45% in the next three days

Share of stubble burning in Delhi air pollution may go up from 8% to 20% by Thursday, and to 35-45% by Friday and Saturday

Breathing toxic air? Thank China, if this report is to be believed

Power, steel, petrochemical, transportation and Agriculture sectors in China are biggest contributors of greenhouse gases

Delhi govt bans Durga Puja idol immersions in public places, water bodies and Yamuna, directs devotees to immerse idols in buckets at home

Immersion of Durga Puja idols completely banned in public places and water bodies in Delhi, including heavily polluted Yamuna River

Aarey “forest”: How the rich woke few snatched the future of millions of Mumbaikars

In India since 2014, things are not so simple. Because the vicious, hateful anti-Modi lobby will stand in the way of everything. Even the most obvious, practical decisions.

Arvind Kejriwal announces ban on firecrackers for Diwali for the third consecutive year in Delhi

Multiple studies have suggested that the major contributing factor to Delhi pollution and smog that engulfs the national capital is stubble burning in the neighbouring states, especially Punjab.

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