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AAP posted a video showing security forces attacking people, while hiding that the mob had attacked police first with stones and sticks
The resolution to reduce the use of disposable plastic at the UNEA was guided by India.
Vedanta group promises welfare projects worth 100 crores in Tuticorin after Supreme Court nodded the order of NGT for reopening of Sterlite plant.
Recently river Ganga was salvaged from waste of three major sewers in Uttar Pradesh
A committee appointed by the NGT had called the closure of the plant as "unjustified" and against "natural justice".
The messaging is indeed confusing. Were they fighting pollution or the festival of Diwali itself?
Kolkata police has made Diwali firecracker rules more strict than already strict court order
The man was arrested as his children were bursting crackers, his neighbour informed the police.
The report says while pollution levels are still dangerously high, governments are taking measures to curb it.
Delhi chief minister's lack of preparedness to tackle smog is evident
"Don't gift infected lungs to children", says NGT to Delhi government
Supreme Court banned their use in the National Capital Region from 1st November
Loudspeakers based on mosques have always been a controversial issue
A West Bengal Maulavi had announced a prize of 10 lakh rupees for shaving off Sonu Nigam’s head.
A comparative analysis of liquor ban in Bihar and illegal slaughterhouse shutdown in Uttar Pradesh
Aaj Tak put out a report yesterday claiming that in India 20 people die per second due to pollution.
Desperate times call for desperate measures? ;)
The Odd-Even plan is a farce from inception
Call it a novel idea, call it "Tughlaq-esque", Delhi's Odd-Even plan caught the eye of many in India and most on social media. One of the reasons for this could be our Delhi based media's infatuation with the Delhi state Government which often leads it to conflate stories which are important to Delhi, with stories which matter for India as a whole. Add to that Arvind Kejriwal's penchant for making a media spectacle out of anything he does (based on advice from his Guru Rajdeep Sardesai) and you have a sure shot prime-time debate topic. So did this Odd-Even experiment work based...
Every Diwali, the debate on firecracker ban is resurrected

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