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Pratik Sinha

Guardian makes a brain-dead ‘documentary’ about Indian elections where they talk to other brain-dead people, spreads misinformation, lies and hate against Hindus and India

Guardian journalist Hannah talked to a few known Modi haters like Akash Banerjee and Pratik Sinha to claim that misinformation and hate speech have increased during the Modi government

‘Spreading atheist fitnah, Allah is the only God’: Followers of Mohammad Zubair abuse Alt News founder Pratik Sinha after he claims there is no...

"American Presidents who have historically overseen the most amount of killing of innocent civilians across the world live very long lives", Sinha posted on X.

How AltNews manipulated an apolitical NGO in Kolkata helping educate kids: ‘Claims of AltNews association a lie, we were misled’, says NGO to OpIndia

Pratik Sinha, co-founder of AltNews claimed that under AltED, they had taught digital literacy to kids in Kolkata - turns out- he lied about a lot

‘Why not talk about #MeToo on Pratik Sinha?’ ‘IndiaMeToo’ slammed over non-coverage of sexual harassment allegations against Alt News cofounder

'IndiaMeToo', which has been vocal against sexual harassment of women in India, remained silent on allegations against Pratik Sinha.

‘For hire’ whitewashers now come to The Wire’s rescue to water down Varadarajan’s lack of editorial standards in The Wire’s Meta fiasco

Professional whitewashers for Islamist crimes are now offering their services for lesser crimes.

Is Sameena Ahmad of Alpen Capital, Dubai the third cofounder of Alt News? Here is what we know about her

Sameena Ahmad of Alpen Capital, Dubai, appears to be the third cofounder of Islamist propaganda website Alt News and goes by the pseudonym 'Sam Jawed'

Sexual predators and the Left: Why the ‘ecosystem’ keeps silence, protects them

At a time when it takes tremendous courage for victims to speak up on sexual abuse, why are the ‘liberals’ always around to silence a victim?

‘Manipulative, sex maniac’ – Woman accuses Alt News’ co-founder Pratik Sinha of sexual harassment

Calling Sinha a fake, a fraudster, and someone who "ogles at women's breasts", the woman expressed her anguish over the fact that someone who calls himself "the buster of fake information, champion of truth and warrior of women's rights" allegedly duped her with lies.

The Citizen glorifies Mukul Sinha in a profile of his wife Nirjhari Sinha, but forgets to mention his role in spreading misinformation about Godhra...

'Scientist' turned 'activist' Mukul Sinha was at the forefront of spreading misinformation regarding the Godhra carnage that has now been propagated widely as facts despite evidence showing otherwise.

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