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Watch: Senegalese MPs attack and kick a pregnant legislator in parliament over her remarks on an influential Muslim leader, jailed

Senegalese legislator Amy Ndiaye, who was reportedly pregnant, was kicked for her remarks on a Muslim leader.

‘Marital rape’ to be included in the definition of rape if a woman wants to abort her child: What the Supreme Court said

While forced sex by a husband is not defined as rape under IPC section 375, it is considered rape for the purpose of the abortion law: Supreme Court

West Bengal: Pregnant woman kicked in the stomach for refusing to hand over land to a builder, victim’s family names TMC leaders for the...

One pregnant woman was kicked in her stomach in Bengal as her family was refusing to hand over a plot to a builder

Did the Pfizer vaccine cause miscarriage in 44% of pregnant women during trial? How a viral blog post made flawed calculations

While the vaccine may have some adverse effects, as all Covid vaccines were granted emergency usage permits, and we are still waiting for detailed reports on long-term clinical trials, the claim made by Naomi Wolf's blog post, that 44% of pregnant women lost their babies after receiving the Pfizer vaccine, is wrong.

Teenage Muslim girls lead in pregnancy rate but lag behind in hygiene during periods, reveals National Family Health Survey: Read details

National Family Health Survey finds teenage pregnancy rate is highest among Muslims, followed by Christians

Andhra Pradesh: Three arrested including a juvenile for gang-raping a pregnant woman at Repalle railway station

The family arrived in Repalle at 11 PM on Saturday and took sanctuary in the station owing to lack of transport.

How Indian Railways came to the rescue of a pregnant woman who slipped and injured herself: Read details

In just one hour of Ravi's tweet, the Indian Railways managed to get medical assistance for his pregnant wife.

Maharashtra: Woman and her newborn kid die as the only ambulance in the area reached two hours late due to COVID-19 duty

There is only one ambulance available in the town, and it was on Covid-19 duty at a facility 50 km away, causing the delay

Jharkhand: In custody since April and despite strict quarantine, 3 Tablighi Jamaat women found pregnant

As the pregnancies of these women are not over 3 months old, it is quite evident that the Tablighi Jamaat women got pregnant while in quarantine.

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