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Alcohol is not bad, drink if you have strength: AAP’s candidate for Somnath assembly seat in Gujarat

In the viral video, Jagmal Vala, an Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) candidate for the upcoming Gujarat Assembly election, is seen encouraging Gujaratis to consume alcohol

Will lift liquor ban if Congress comes to power so that people can enjoy in winter: Gujarat Congress leader Bharat Solanki

Gujarat Congress leader Bharat Solanki said that people of the state should come together to take a decision on lifting the prohibition

India Today Group issues guidelines prohibiting employees from posting any personal view on social media, says it does not breach freedom of expression

India Today says persons associated with it can post only content from the media house on their personal social media accounts

Coronavirus: No N95 masks or critical PPEs are being exported, govt allays fears in wake of claims on social media

On 29 March, India supplied 90 tonnes of medical protective equipment to Serbia to help the country in fighting the Chinese coronavirus outbreak.

Haraam or Halaal: Zakir Naik’s ready reckoner

A guide for the celebs, especially cricketers, who are regularly discovering something not allowed in Islam.

CRPF jawan caught for drinking liquor dies in custody in Bihar

Family says that doctors had advised the jawan to consume liquor as he was posted at high altitude for long time.

A brief history of prohibition in India

Many states in India have experimented with prohibition till date

Why some people support prohibition and why it finds political backing

Prohibition is a bad idea, yet it finds political as well as popular support. What causes it?

The outrage that was not – legal sharaab vs illegal kabab

A comparative analysis of liquor ban in Bihar and illegal slaughterhouse shutdown in Uttar Pradesh

Bihar’s liquor war: Prisoners of prohibition and the conspiracy of silence

Thousands of people have been arrested in Bihar due to the draconian laws, but it has generated little debate.

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