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Prophet Muhammad

The destruction of Mecca and Medina: How Wahabi Islam razed down ancient structures like Taliban destroyed Bamiyan Buddhas, fearing idolatry

Of the famed "Seven Mosques" originally established by Prophet Muhammad's daughter and four of his "greatest Companions", five have been demolished.

Pakistan: Teenager kills 55-year-old Shia man over ‘blasphemy’ against Prophet Muhammad; second murder in four days

Pakistan has been notorious for the blasphemy killings, especially against Hindu and Christian minorities who are often targeted under trumped-up charges.

NIT Srinagar redux: Muslim mob pours onto streets in the name of ‘Blasphemy’ again, leads to suspension of student from medical college in Srinagar

The Jammu and Kashmir Police filed an FIR against a student of Government Medical College in Srinagar for allegedly uploading "blasphemous" content about Prophet Mohammad.

Uttar Pradesh: Complaint filed in Ghaziabad against Prophet Muhammad, the complainant alleges heinous crimes are being committed due to Quran

On Thursday (21st March) morning, a complaint was filed with the Ghaziabad police against Prophet Muhammad, the founder of Islam

Uttar Pradesh: Blasphemy case filed against a Muslim student of AMU-run school for allegedly insulting Prophet Muhammad

A class 12 Muslim student was thrashed after making objectionable comments over Prophet Muhammad in Uttar Pradesh.

Samuel Paty beheading: Six teenagers convicted in the killing of French teacher over ‘blasphemy’ against Prophet Muhammad

A French court on Friday convicted six teenagers, including a girl who lied about Mr Samuel Paty displaying cartoons of Prophet Muhammad in classroom.

‘Come after me, leave him alone’: Mosab Hassan Yousef on death threats by Islamists to Hindu student at NIT Srinagar for sharing his old video

Mosab Hassan Yousef slammed Islamists for harassing the Hindu student at NIT Srinagar over 'blasphemy' claims.

Muslim journalist repeats claim about Prophet Mohammad’s marriage with young Ayesha, which was pointed out by Nupur Sharma, wins praise by Islamists instead

Unlike Nupur Sharma, Irena Akbar received neither abuse nor death threats since she happens to be a co-religionist of the Islamists.

Srinagar: Hindu student who was booked for ‘blasphemy’ for sharing an old video, and his Kashmiri Muslim friend receive death threats from Islamists

An FIR has been registered at the Nigeen Police Station against the Hindu student on Tuesday under sections 295A (outraging religious feelings),153A (promoting enmity) 153 (provocation) of the IPC.

Hindu student at NIT Srinagar booked for ‘blasphemy’ over old video on Prophet Muhammad, attracts ‘Sar Tan Se Juda’ threats from Islamists

A Hindu student in NIT Srinagar was booked for sharing years-old video that was critical of Prophet Muhammad.

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