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Rahul Kanwal takes Rajdeep Sardesai to the cleaners for blaming news channels for the opposition’s pessimism over the inevitability of BJP’s 2024 victory: Watch

Rahul Kanwal questioned Rajdeep Sardesai for blaming the news channels for the perception of BJP's win in 2024 while the opposition had already conceded defeat.

‘We are committed to bringing UCC and implementing CAA’, says Union Home Minister Amit Shah

Amit Shah said, "A false propaganda was peddled among the minorities and especially the Muslims in India that the CAA would take away their citizenship. No one's citizenship is cancelled by the CAA."

Rahul Kanwal steps on Raghuram Rajan’s tail as he tries to criticise Modi govt’s economic policies: Read how the former RBI governor is wrong

Raghuram Rajan attacks Modi govt's productivity linked incentive scheme, but he is grossly wrong in his claims

Rahul Kanwal asks Rakesh Jhunjhunwala what he told PM Modi, gets ‘befitting reply’, Congress makes perverted insult

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala appeared at the India Today Conclave 2021, where he gave a befitting reply to Rahul Kanwal.

Isn’t Nagaland part of India? Netizens question Rahul Kanwal after an on-air faux pas

Kanwal has since then apologised for the slip of tongue. He said he meant to say Delhi but said India by mistake.

India Today’s Rahul Kanwal backtracks after receiving a letter from Shiv Sena, had claimed party goons heckled SII CEO Adar Poonawalla

The anchor now claims that the hoodlums seen in the video sent to him belonged to a different political party and not the Shiv Sena.

Shiv Sena accuses Rahul Kanwal of lying about Sena goons threatening Adar Poonawalla for vaccines

Rahul Kanwal had yesterday claimed that he had received videos from Adar Poonawalla in which he saw Sena goons gheraoing his factory and demanding vaccines for themselves

Truth bomb by Rohit Sardana triggers AltNews Islamist apologists, complain to Rahul Kanwal who they think can understand their angst

During a live QandA session with viewers on farmer protests, one Shaukat Ali tried to solicit a reaction from Rohit Sardana.

India Today Data Intelligence Unit strikes again, makes a mistake with basic math while reporting Hyderabad Municipal election results

Basic maths would have saved India Today's 'Data Intelligence Unit' some embarrassment.

Even pandering doesn’t get India Today a free pass: Here is why ‘liberals’ are today cancelling Rajdeep and Rahul Kanwal

'Liberals' are cancelling India Today, Rajdeep Sardesai and Rahul Kanwal over their coverage of the allegations against Shehla Rashid

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