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A worker of Gorakhnath Temple called Shravan invited Rahul Kanwal to visit the temple before making wild accusations
Meerut Police asks the journalist to fact-check before tweeting.
From Barkha criticising 'liberals' to Rajdeep introducing a JD-U leader as an RJD MP, yesterday saw it all.
The journalist had put her papers, but a lie about the development was spread on social media.
Journalists are not only attacking Arnab, they are now even dragging private citizens into their ugly battle.
Just two videos from a couple of weeks back show how media had been blatantly partisan.
Was it some hacker, some disgruntled employee, or was it all a planned drama by the party?
To arrive at a more dependable picture of reality, we must recognize these common filters
Some loose ends in the Khadse story need to be investigated
Odd Even Part-2 and the question media should ask about it
All the best trolling journalists got in 2015

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